drinking beer, and snorting blues////

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by 561imdone, May 30, 2009.

  1. bad idea? was thinkin on having like 6 beers, and i snorted a half a m35 like an hour ago, and half now....
  2. used the search button and still nothin :(
  3. dont ask these kind of questions here, i no u want to know but OPIATES and BEER is not a good idea especially at high doses :wave:
  4. even just a couple beers, and half a blue m35 about an hour and ahlf ago, and half of it 20 mins ago
  5. Alcohol and opiates are just a bad idea. Much harder to judge the depressant effects of alcohol because it is metabolized by your liver at a constant rate so you could overdose and then not know for a while because the alcohol is still being metabolized.

    Benzos on the other hand, which are often mixed with opiates, effect the user very quickly, making it much easier to judge a proper dosage.
  6. idk why but for some reason people look down on opiates... whats everyones deal? he's just stating what he plans on doing... just like 90% of you do, but you disagree with his view of fun. Yay freedon of speech!

    to be honest ur not going to overdose by any means taking an "M" and drinking some beers. if u never do them at worst you'll get sick and throw up... and when u sniff them its not digested by the liver i believe. when u pop them yes your fucking up your liver.

    i heard (this may be incorrect) one beer and one over the counter sleep med (advil pm excedrin pm ect) is the equivalent of 10 beers on your liver at once.

    i enjoy doing blues myself and i'll tell you right now man, just stop and dont bother with them.
  7. most ive done is 50 mgs of hydro codonoe and 8 beers, dude just be careful stop right now, thats a good idea

  8. thanksfor the backup man, and i dont do them on the regular jsut like once a month ill fuck with them, switch it up a bit, ive seen what they do to peoples lives, and trust me, im not gonna get in that deep

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