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Drinking and Still Catching a Buzz

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MagillaGorilla, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. is it poss. to make a marijuana drink?
    i was discussing it with one of my buddies the other day and they brought up a time when one of his friends boiled choc soy milk, and 1/4 once of 'headie' quality bud ( similar to tea, and teabags ) and one double once shot got him pretty blazed.

    what are you opinions?
  2. well it would have to be a drink that was prepared properly where the thc was heated up to a certain temperature. I'm sure it would help out with a fat soluble solution and what not. But i have heard of times where people make alcoholic drinks such as vodka and bacardi. Haven't gotten a chance to do so but i know its possible.
  3. this little slut i know told me she made weed tea and it made her shit smell like she smoked a bowl in the bathroom
  4. hahahahah "this little slut i know" hahahahahhaha
  5. I had a weed milkshake at Kindred Cafe in Toronto and it was fucking delicious! The weed is in the chocolate Im pretty sure.
  6. in amsterdam they have vodka with pure THC mixed in it.
  7. yeah its possible, i think the best way to consume it is letting it sit in alcohol. there are faster ways than to just let it sit there over an extended period of time, and there are some great posts about that on this site on how to speed up the process but im having a little trouble with the search feature..

    point is you need high proof liqour, you can bake the bud in the oven to activate the thc resulting in faster adherence of it into the alcohol. im not expert though
  8. What a few friends and I like to do is save up our stems for about 3-6 months. All together we usually have a good 2-3 ounces of stems with trichomes still attached to the stems. We then dump about 2 grams of kief into it and mix it with half a bottle of vodka for about a week. Everyday you shake it up and open it up to let it ferment. After about a week strain the stems out and wala, you have some dank THC vodka aka "Green Dragon"
  9. im going to start doing this +rep
  10. What proof is the vodka you are using?
  11. What proof is the vodka you are using?
  12. [​IMG]

    just has sativa seeds in it
  13. Green Dragon! search search search! (google will probably do you best)
  14. hahahahah im dying right now. it was so unnecessary to say "this little slut i know" that its hilarious hahahah
  15. that's exactly what he was talking about.

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