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Drinking and smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DMIstoner, May 14, 2010.

  1. ive been smoking for a while but i don't really drink. anyways my friend wants to get drunk and high at the same time and i want to know how itll affect me and if theres any bad side effects.. thanks in advance
  2. Drink first, smoke after you're content with your state of stupidity. I find the other way around to result in puking, lots of it. Once I'm high I never remember how many drinks I have and because I can't feel if I'm nauseous or not I just keep drinking.
  3. Ya, and make sure that there are no first-timers there. The first time one of my buddies smoked (first time) and drank beer (quite a bit), he had his giggles for about 10 minutes, then when walking around he blew chunks all over the walls. Several times.

  4. Well, I mean I'm an alcoholic and a stoner.. If i'm not at work, I'm doing both. I'd suggest drinking and taking just a few hits and seeing how you feel. You can always smoke more
  5. You and me have a lot in common. :smoking:
  6. Bad things tend to happen to me when I do both. Usually it's that I keep smoking and then get really baked and almost pass out.

    If I do one or the other no problems whatsoever.
  7. Don't smoke first.

    The drank will taste so terrible.

  8. fuck - this over and over again.

    there was a poll a few weeks ago between drinking first or smoking first and if i recall correctly the results were absurdly 50/50.
  9. I do it all the time.. I guess it's just your personality or how well your tolerate each?

  10. Cheers my friend. +rep for being of the same kind. An altered mind is better in my life. :cool::wave:

    No way man, I guess it would depend on what you drink. Personally I am a beer drinker. Tallboys of Milwaukee's Best Ice is the way to go.. unless I'm at the bar then I drink Southern Comfort and rootbeer or goose on the rocks.

    But you need to under stand.. the Beast (milwaukee's best) tastes terrible to begin with, but I've adapted. Thus, I don't really ever have alcohol taste bad unless its straight from a warm bottle. I love drinking. It all tastes good.

    Anyone here ever try Blatz? haha.. such a good beer, until the next morning when you have the Blatz Splatz.
  11. drink first you know and then smoke some weed and then have more beer then more weed and more beer and finally more weed later you eat a big burger and go to sleep let me tell you its nice...
  12. Just be careful with it. Remember that when you do both it takes less of each than your used to taking to reach the point your looking to reach.

    And you can always drink or smoke more if you want to. No need to drink too much too fast or smoke a blunt to the face. If you get too high or too drunk it could be a bad experience and you'll be wishing you had less than you did. But if you drink a couple beers and smoke a bowl with your friends and once it kicks in decide you want another beer or more weed you can.

    It's a lot of fun though. If your smart about it you won't get sick, you'll just have a great time. Have fun :)
  13. Getting twisted is the absolute worst. Spins for hours, then puking, then a royal hangover the next day. You'll never know till' you try it.
  14. I think it depends on what you prefer. If you prefer weed and smoke a lot then you will obviously be more comfortable when you're smoking, even when you're drunk. However, if you prefer drinking to smoking you'll obviously feel better drinking, even while you're high. For me as I said I never get nauseous and that causes me to just continue drinking and many times throw up. I went 24-0 in doubles beer pong last time I did this with shots in between and because I was smoking a bong in between every shot I didn't notice how much I had drank. I then threw up for the rest of the night and slept for the next 12 hours.
  15. Every time I do that, I get the spins. It's 10x worse than being drunk, and not because weed enhances the toxicity of it, but it messes with the chemicals and barriers in your brain, making alcohol feel different, and trust me, thats not a good thing.

    It's hard to describe the spins.. but just imagine feeling drunk, but instead of being all tipsy feeling, you'll want to keep moving to one side, and your vision will go with it, and this fucks with your brain big time. It'll keep you up and it takes a while to fade.

    May I suggest smoking some weed after you've drank a little and you feel it coming down. Weed keeps away that icky after-drinking almost-hungover feeling, it's great.
  16. Hey, I love casually drinking while smoking. As time passes you will soon realize you have a feeling that is kinda like the best of both worlds. Just don't get crazy drunk then try to smoke, because like a previous poster said, it will result in some puking. If not a lot of puking. Ahhhhh so many memories with the porcelain goddess.
  17. The first time, i threw up for like 2 hours and then passed out for 3 on a deck. It sucked. Don't drink hard a and beer mixed with weed. Shots or Beer, ONE OR THE OTHER! And weed :)
  18. If you get the combo just right...oh boy. Godly.
  19. youll be fine, sad as i must admit, im an alcoholic and a stoner, after awhile of doing both, you dont worry about which comes first... it just all evens out in the end. I could be drunk as FUCK and ill have even my first blunt of the night, and i never get scared of going overboard, it always equals out perfectly, but it does take alil time to get to know your body, but after you get it down its smooooth sailing
  20. get to ur comfortable level of drunkeness first, then smoke. DO NOT drink after you've smoked. that's how you get to spinnin', and not like a record.

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