Drinking and boasting

Discussion in 'General' started by Sweetleaftoker, May 9, 2011.

  1. Why the fuck? "i got so shitfaced this weekend and i dont remember a thing" cool dude. Youre dumb as hell. Lets drink a bunch, throwup, act like a fuck, and pass out and feel terrible the next day.

    Sounds like a lot of fun.... People are so stupid
  2. throw up? nahh man no throwing up. the rest sounds like a plan to me !
  3. Sounds like this one bozo I know.

    "Hay man I got so wasted last friday and almost touched this girls tittays."

    Yeah, cool story bro!
  4. Yeah, I can't say I've ever had an urge to become so drunk that I can't control myself or interact with people.

    4-7 shots is good enough. :)
  5. I do enjoy getting shit-faced at the right time with the right people but throwing up? If i throw up i've FAILED at drinking. I pride myself in being able to keep down whatever i put in.
  6. Blacking out is never fun.

    Shit-faced can be great if you're with the right people, right setting, etc.

    Drinking is fucking awesome, just not the next morning :laughing:
  7. A couple shots or mixed drinks (4-6) and a nice joint. Mmm now thats the most relaxed I've ever been in my life.
  8. UMAD?

    I drink alot, rarely do i throw up and yes I will say ( to my friends) yeah it was some night I don't remember much of it

    whats the problem with that? why do you care what others do?

    relax its life you only get it once...its better than being shut up in your house or w.e it is other people without social lives do....
  9. Yeah! Fuck them for having fun with some alcohol! Those meddling kids! :mad:
  10. Its just dumb when people gloat about it. I dont tell everyone i smoked hella weed this weekend idgafuck how trashed people get
  11. Well..you should start. And see how they like it.
  12. Exactly my point.

    "I really don't care what you do, so why are you telling me about your weekend and how drunk you were? "

  13. I got pretty shit faced this weekend and acted like a fuck...

    but I had a good time... I think. Haters gonna hate.
  14. I'm 23 and I haven't thrown up or gotten a hang over since I was 17.
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    Then they'll just go "pshh, pothead"

  16. I don't like to brag...but I smoke about an eighth every day maybe last me 2 days but thats alot for me and my wallet , but I also drink 3/4 nights out the week maybe 5

    and I smoke when im drinking...I drink when Im smoking

    and not everybody is an idiot

    you just hang with the wrong people drinking is fun and social...if you think otherwise you should stop and think...
  17. Its fun while you're in the moment, next day is pretty terrible

    But I will say, smoking a nice joint after a wicked hangover and getting some pizza or fast food hits the spot like nothing else except sex.
  18. There are no downsides to smoking thats why i love it.

  19. LOL there are no downsides to smoking?

    are you 15?

    smoke isnt good...smoke can have varying effects on people....smoke damages the lungs, shortens breath and lung capacity
  20. I never get hungover...i might wake up drunk...but I havent had a bad morning after drinking since I drank a handle damn near by myself and woke up throwing up acid and having alcohol poisoning

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