Drinkin in the morning!

Discussion in 'General' started by GeoTokeR, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Yeah, im not really a drunk, but i have my times. Like today, right now. Its 8am and im drunk as a skunk, without the skunk. So that makes me just drunk, no skunk. Got it?!

    anyone? No? screw you all, im gunna go wait outside the bar. :D
  2. haha damn dude 8oclock is pretty hardcore, occassionally ill have a sparks or something if im working construction or a shitty job early. if you stop drinking when youve been going all day it sucks ass though you get all tired and shit. the wake and bake on the other hand is another story so im about to spark up right now:smoking:
  3. "I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer"... Name that song! heh
  4. haha pleaseee roadhouse blues...jim morrison is the greatest
  5. "In my bed I watch t.v.
    Im drunk by noon,
    But thats o.k.
    Ill be president someday"

    name that song!
  6. haha wow another one of my favorites man greatest hits by sublime
  7. i woke up yesterday and it was like 90 degrees at about 10:00. It was too hot to skate so i just drank cold beer on my porch all day.
  8. Ooooh yeah, nothing better than a couple shots of crown to start the morning off right :D
  9. only sometimes. my pals are always drinkin beer in the morning though, i can't really stomach it. cant eat in the mornings either =\ just coffee for me

  10. Only one of the best songs in the world dude. Sublime - greatest hits :D
  11. HEHE, this is funny! I, too decided to drink some more of my whisky this morning! I've had only like 5 shots since 7 am, its 9:30 now, I'm a lightweight, so I got a decent buzz, I gotta go to my mcjob at 11. Going to be fun, I tell ya!

    ..and I've got "One bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" by George Thoroughgood stuck in my head right now. Righteous!
  12. Sounds like a good idea, Except i aient got no brew right now...

    Ima go cut the grass and aient nuttin funner then bein drunk at 10 in the mornin cuttin the grass.
  13. lol i love gettin drunk in the morning, especially since i cant smoke for a couple months, gatta pass a drug test for my job, just yesterday me and Gentleman jack had a good morning
  14. I think I just found out what I'm gonna be doing come Monday, haven't drank in the morning or alone for a while now... and it's always fun to be wasted before the rest of the house gets up.
  15. Meh, in my mind, drinking alone has always been a sign of alcoholism. I wont drink alone, it makes me feel like a junkie I guess you could say
  16. Naw dude I'm high.
  17. Dirnking in the morning cures a hangover, but who can stomach that much booze before noon? Orange juice is my drink in the morning, or coffee.
  18. ya 8 is pretty early to be drinking - Now 10:30 - 11 your talking
  19. See, I think it all depends on where you live. Take football season for example. In NJ, you may want start drinking at noon, an good hour before the games on sunday start. But in WA, the games are on at 10am, so 9am is just the right time to start 'er sunday off.
    Also, depending on your work schedule, for example its almost football season--wait, sorry, im distracted...Take my schedule for example, I get off work at 8 am. Therefore, Im late for my happy hour!

    Go EAGLES!

  20. yeah the only time of the year i drink in the morning is during college football season. About every Saturday in the fall, wake up at 5 in the morning, crack a beer, head down to Iowa City, and let the tailgating begin.

    GO HAWKS!!!

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