drink with drugs!!

Discussion in 'General' started by sidious, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. There's nothing i like more than taking a few hits from my bong and downing an ice cold beer!!! ah!!!!....i was just wondering if anybody else does the same? and if so, what's you're fav beer to drink while you're getting stoned???.....mines is a Belgian beer called Hoegaarden......Peace out....Sid
  2. i usually don't like the taste of beer after i've smoked
    but elsewise veltins is quite good

    Alcohol the drug no. 1 worldwide
  3. At college, my friends and I have a routine that we follow nearly everyday. After classes and a nap, we get together around 6-7pm, and drink 6 beers then smoke a buncha weed, then drink 3 more, smoke again, and go to a party and get completely obliterated. Being just drunk is awesome, being just stoned is awesome, being drunk and stoned is awesome, but all three are different, try each one.

    Take it easy at first though, the reason we never throw up is because we are seasoned alcholics/stoners.
  4. Every now and then the ice cold beer is good, but it doesn't do a damn thing for your cottonmouth except make it worse eventually! :D
  5. Jack and coke goes well with bud.

    Screw drivers are also excelent!
  6. American beer is so nasty, the only way I get a decent beer around here is if i have it imported from holland or germany, trust me you haven't had good beer unless you've tried some from those two places,
  7. worlds greatest combo:

    Henn an Purp
  8. I like long island iced teas with my weed. I don't really like anything with alot of fruit juice and alcohol...I get wicked sick from that combo for some reason...[​IMG]


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