Drink vs Weed - Round 1

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by 4Frnt, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. 1. You wake up the next day after drinking, you feel terrible and promise never to drink again. You wake up after smoking weed and reach for your bubbler. Point goes to weed.

    2. Your smoking with some bitches but they're too stoned to want to do anything. Your drinking with the hottest girls at your school, you get dome 4 times. Point to drink.

    3. You come home smelling like alcholol, your parents yells at you and takes the car away and it becomes an angry household. You come home smelling a little like smoke, you tell her some of our friends were smoking cigs, she hugs you and serves you desert. Point to weed.

    4. Your with your boys and you go and have a nice blaze sesh, then just chill and watcha a movie. You drink with your boys and you find your self feeling kind of gay. Point to weed.

    5. Your parents leave town for the day, you have a party and clean up the cans and cups, they never know. Your parents leave town for the day, you smoke mad chron in the house and the house smells like weed. Point to Drink.

    6. Your not 21 and so you cant go into a store and buy a 40. Getting trees is easy if you know people. Point to weed.

    7. Most parents have liquer lying around. Most parents dont have weed lying around. Point to drink.

    8. You come home super baked and manage to pull off a conversation with your parents. You come home super drunk and trip over the doorway and fall to the floor. Point to weed.

    9. You try to bring a ounce of Amsterdam's finest back with you on the plane, you get attacked by drug dogs, and tackled by airport secutiry with big guns, you get locked up and fined. You bring a bottle of rum on the plane and enjoy it the next evening back home. Point to drink.

    10. You can throw up from drinkign too much, or even die. You cant smoke too much. Point to weed.

    11. It takes a couple of months to have a weed plant grow and be ready for harvest. It takes years to make liquer. Point to weed.

    12. You can drink right out the bottle if you have to. You need something to smoke with. Point to drink.

    13. You get kicked out of ski academy because you were drunk and loud and yelling shit in the hallway and broke a window. You never got caught smoking the whole year. Point to weed.

    14. You drive home high, nice and slow and chilled. You drive home drunk, crash into a tree and die. Point to weed

    15. Smoking herb is pleasurable. Taking shots of 151 hurts. Point to weed.

    16. Drinking is socially acceptable. Toking up is usually not. Point to drink.

    weed: 10
    drink: 6
  2. um alcohol can kill you, weed cant

    so thats like ten billion to weed , and like 2 for drinking
  3. haha good shit
    here is another

    you can buy a bottle of wiskey for $14 and get 4 people drunk for a long ass time. You buy a gram of some dank for $20 and get 2 people high for a hour or two. Point to drink
  4. You get mad drunk at a party and end u naked on the floor wiht makeup on.... POINT TO WEED. JOE>
  5. Weed tastes good, alcohol tastes like ass. Point, weed
  6. heh, this post is awesome-point to weed.:cool:
  7. The combination of beer and weed is great. Point to both.

    Why have one, When you can have both?
  8. you get pulled over and the car smells like weed but the cops cant find the stash and cant prove your high, point to weed

    you get pulled over and you rekk of liqour and fail a breath analyse, go to jail another point to weed

    you drink a 12 pack and get pissed and hit your wife, point to weed,

    smoke like how ever many bowls you want and come home and hug your wife cause your high and really want her to make pancakes, she sees your high and loves you for being a stoner, but the sweetest stoner ever, point to weed
  9. When you're high, you eat. When you're drunk, you puke. Then you get high again and fill up that empty stomach.

    point to weed.
  10. Number 7 is bullshit because its just as easy to know someone who can get you alcohol as to know someone who can get you bud.

    Number 15 - To many people, any kind of smoke is not pleasurable, and to many experienced drinkers, drinking is pleasurable.
  11. i dont see any drinkcity

    point to weed
  12. thats whats up^^^.. JOE>

    P.S. Piont to weed.
  13. If there were only alcohol, there'd be no nag chamba invented. With marijuana, nag chamba came into existance... point; weed. hah!
  14. 4FRNT: 4. Your with your boys and you go and have a nice blaze sesh, then just chill and watcha a movie. You drink with your boys and you find your self feeling kind of gay. Point to weed.

    i dunno but some of the funnest time are just drinkin with the guys and not having any drama. point to alcohol

    heythere: you drink a 12 pack and get pissed and hit your wife, point to weed.

    hit your wife? seems a little exsessive.
  15. very true
  16. very true
  17. You can "make" alcohol in less time than it'd take to grow and harvest a plant.

    So -1 point from YOU for being WRONG.
  18. haha my parents do it
    thats how i got it for several months
    but my parents also buy beer for me...
    but thats just because there awesome.

    if the situation truly calls for it, u can hide some bud "deep" on u if u know what i mean...
    cant do that with alcohol
  19. You drive to the store to buy liquor. Your dealer will make the trip or atleast meet you somewhere. Point weed

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