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  1. What's up guys, anyone on here into Yerba Mate? I've been drinking it for about a year, and I love it. I feel like it brings people together, and that it can also give you a sense of "creative clarity." Got into it so much that I made a website about it. What are your thoughts on it? I recently had a mate circle in my backyard, where some friends and I chilled, drank mate, and spoke about it. The vid is below. Any of you into mate?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYDniAmJo28]Bamboo Patch Mate Circle - YouTube[/ame]
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    I've heard about it, where do you buy it?

    If they were geeking like that, just imagine if those people smoked weed?
  3. The video doesn't work and i have never heard of it
  4. Haha, everyone in the video was just messing around, and everyone in that video has definitely smoked weed :smoke: I personally haven't purchased mate since I've started to drink it in America (companies send it to me for different reasons), but you can go to Whole Foods or Trader Joes to pick some up. I would suggest you order some Aviva Mate off of the internet, or maybe even Guayaki. I'm only suggesting those companies because they are the only American Yerba Mate companies I have tasted. If you can get your hands on some Argentinian stuff (Cruz De Malta, Kraus, Amanda) get that!
  5. hahaha

    I bet they're sending you free yerba because of posts like this one ^

    I love it man. I've only had Guayaki, bottled, loose, and tea bag form. I love my mate but I lost my bombilla when I moved and haven't gotten another.

    One of the best stimulant herbs on the planet. (It's caffeine, so I'm pretty sure this is allowable in GrassCity....)

    Drink yerba every day. I'll watch the video tomorrow.
  6. does this get you high?
  7. i dont think so, it seems to be a hipster drink
  8. >never heard of it

    >must be hipster

  9. [quote name='"Grimm420"']
    i dont think so, it seems to be a hipster drink[/quote]

    must be a drunk by persons who have some knowledge or awareness of south american culture, and like the drink.

    why you hatin man. weed is probably much more saturated by hipsters (if that means what I think) who smoke.

    to op, I read up on it last week when I saw another post by u or it was in your sig I forget, but it looks pretty tasty and I like the social way people drink it from on big cup-type thing. very nice:) I'll try to get some

  10. No. It's just a stimulant beverage like coffee, but it's milder and has a lot of vitamins and minerals. Yerba mate is also good for soothing hunger.

    It's called the drink of the gods by a south american tribe that has used it for a long time.
  11. Ive been drinking mate for about a month now every day, I love it. Ive been getting guyaki yerba mate, I like it just plain, cant stand the stuff they add to it in their other flavors. The reason I started drinking it was, I was looking through a magazine and saw this

    " Yerba Mate is a tea-like drink made from the leaves and twigs of a subtropical shrub. It has a slightly herbal taste(though its not a herb) and delivers a natural caffeine buzz thats similar to if not greater than that of coffe, but with 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and 90% more cancer-fighting antioxidants than green tea. It's said to be the healthiest stimulant drink in the world."

    Then it went on to recommend Guyaki, so I said what the hell I should try this. Now I'm getting a little addicted, A nice vape bowl, cup of hot yerba and I'm set to do homework for hours( or relax )
  12. YO! I'm so happy that you guys are drinking mate haha. It's great. Whether it has caffeine, or something called "Mateine" in it is being debated. There's not enough science on it right now. I like Guayaki's traditional mate, but if you get your hands on some Argentinian stuff, you'll definitely taste the difference. Guayaki is dope though because they're actually helping the environment through the production of their mate.

    For many people who being to drink it, yes, it gives you a certain high. If I stop drinking mate for a while (a few weeks), I'll definitely feel high once I start drinking again. When you drink it with others, you feel a bond, that could be called a high, that you're all sharing. That's why it's also referred to as the drink of friendship.

    Sounds dope dude! Let me know if you need help finding gourds or bombillas. If I ever get a lot of them, I'll just ship them to you guys.

    Yesssss, exactly. Try out some other companies and let me know what you think. If any of you guys are into mate and wouldn't mind writing about your experiences, let me know. It would be great to have you guys on my mate website. :hello:
  13. I just use the tea bags now but after seeing that video I'm interested in trying to find "a gourd or bombilla to try. What is the difference?
  14. Mate is not that uncommon. Perhaps like the equivalent of coffee in New York in some regions here. The Paraguayans drink it a lot. You'd be surprised to see people in the street with their thermos filled with mate.
  15. Yeah, mate with tea bags is "Mate Cocido." Check out circleofdrink.com to found out where you can purchanse one. The difference is that with mate in a tea bag, you're basically just steeping it in hot water and drinking it like tea, which is cool. But the traditional way of drinking mate is by putting the yerba mate in a gourd (also called a mate), and drinking it through a filtered metal straw. I've never personally had mate cocido, but it may have the same effects, but I don't know about the same time.

    Where are you from brother? Paraguay? I know that it's huge over there, and in Uruguay and Argetina. I also heard that Brazilians drink it.

  16. When you use loose yerba, there's a lot of plant dust suspended in the mix. Using the bombilla, you suck up very minute bits of this matter, so it's believe you get more of the vitamins and minerals from drinking through a bombilla.

  17. Tries to greentext on grasscity.
    Doesn't realize it's not 4chan.

    Definitely going to try it out, this here thread sparked my interest.
  18. >getting mad

  19. >what does

    >this mean?

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