Drink-hat bong!

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  1. This morning me and a mate were playing Kingdom Hearts 2 after a quick wake and bake, followed by a walk through a local park. While chillin on the lounge we noticed something sitting on the table next to us. We looked each other and we knew what we had to do. The object we were inspired by was one of those old hats where you put the beer cans in the sides and you drink both at once through a long tube.

    We picked up a couple of bottles and turned this beer-hat into a totally awesome bong-hat!!!

    It took about 15 minutes to put together but boy was it worth it. Here are some pics, this is definitely a must try. :D:D:D

  2. I remember about a year ago someone was talking about making one of these but never did. good job that looks fun to use and very creative!
  3. So do you need someone else light it or can you do it yourself?
  4. 2 man job, you can do it by yourself but it's pretty hard
  5. me and a few friends made one of these a few years ago, had a good old smoking session that day and I was the last person to use the hat. Well being severly baked and a tad forgetful I left my boys and walked to the local kfc 4 a munch well long story short I got a paraphanelia charge I felt so stupid that day haha
  6. Hahahahaahahahahahaha yes!
  7. thats funny as shit man it looks like you'd get extremely baked from that

  8. oh yeah we did, it worked quite well, really well actually
  9. holy shit thats a bong/gas mask in one you must get retarded when you rip that
  10. you need to enlarge the 2nd pic and then include an instructional guide of how to make this haha. that thing must get you ripped.
  11. To make it all we did was get the hat, which already came with the tubes and shit. We then made two bongs that has the bowl on the top. Then we just put the tubes into the top of the bongs and away we went.

    We now have it out of the hat and just sitting on our bench thing, same thing except no hassle having to have it on your head and this way you can do it yourself. I wouldn't mine getting another one so we can do 4 at once but I think that would be hard to pull with that thin tube. We might look around for some thicker tube.
  12. So how do you not inhale all the water?

  13. hahah we did suck in a bit of bongwater at first which was pretty gross, but it only goes up the tube if you pull really hard.

    you can just buy them from novelty shops
  14. Haha thats amazing you should start your own line of work.

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