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drillin thru glass....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ChucK---, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. yea i put water in a spray bottle and had my friend keep spraying the water on the area i was drilling. i didnt use sand but i was very cautious and drilled pretty fuckin slow. wear gloves and like glasses and shit cause the glass powder that accumulates when drilling isn't good for your skin or eyes.
  2. ya i made a waterfall bong out of a 8 dollar beer growler. used a regular old wood bit and drilled on a rounded off spot. just took my time and i had no problem. maybe about a half hour of gentle drilling but i didnt have to go out and buy an expensive glass bit that i probably wouldnt use any other time. and i only drilled most of the way threw not all. used a nail and a gentle hit of a hammer to finally break threw.

    one bowl, one hit, one hell of a good high.
  3. Grinding bits on dremels work, but it takes time and patience. You could try filling a bottle with water and then freeze it. Then you have a solid inside the bottle that takes up the entire diameter, providing support for nailing or anything else that's been suggested. I wouldn't think it'd work too well for grinding away at it or drilling, since those both produce heat, and heating frozed glass can cause it to shatter.

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