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drillin thru glass....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ChucK---, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. i was searching cool bongs and what not and came across i i think it was, but dude drilled thru a tequila corazon bottle. So i was just wonderin if any yall have this drill and what kind of bit it is.Broke my bong and dont wanna drive from VA to baltimore for a decent head shop.THX...
  2. Get a hammer and nail.

    Put the nail on the side of the glass bottle, and slam the hammer on the nail as hard as you can.
  3. find the size of your slide and go ask at the hardware store for a glass drilling bit. I have a box of them so they shouldn't be too hard to find.
  4. Not drilling through glass, but if you put a knife in a bottle of Jim Beam and shake it the bottom drops out and you've got a lovely bucket :)
  5. DOES that work with other bottles? +rep for sick info too dude.
  6. I'm guessing it would completely shatter if you do that.. But I was told if you feel the glass bottle full of sand (as much as you can get in there) and take a nail and a hammer, you can bang it through.. :)
  7. That makes sense... I gotta try that now.
  8. Please do! :) if it works for you, I'd like to try it for myself as well. :smoke:

    Plus + rep if you happen to give it a try.
  9. well? is your hand sandy and bloody??
  10. Go to lowes, home depot, hardware store and get a glass drilling bit. they are like 5 bucks. keep water running over the hole as you are drilling it. water serves as a lubricant.

    as for the sand idea, i could see it working with the drill bit but hitting the bottle with a nail? i dont like that idea. Pipe benders (metal pipe not smoking pipes) fill pipes and tubes with sand before they bend it to keep the bend from collapsing.
  11. You son of a bitch, I tried that and it made a huge mess! Lol, but I think it may actually work.

    I filled a glass beer bottle with sand and took a small nail and slightly hammered into the bottle... It was actually chipping away at it, but when it almost got through the glass it broke.

    It may work, but there is a chance of breakage.
  12. lol thanks for saving me the trouble :p

    When going through glass its the last couple like mm's or w.e of glass you go through that it breaks.

    I use a dremel and a diamond bit, also those grinding type stones the pink ones for dremels or drills work ok too..

  13. Hm, yah try drilling it with sand in it and see if that helps at all.. :smoke::smoke:
  14. this is the correct way
  15. hmm, do you know this for experience, or

  16. alright, i have drilled thru two glass bottles so far and made a bong out of both of them. worked great. i went to lowes and got a diamond tip bit. buy the slide you will be using for the bong first and get the rubber stopper too and that will determine what size bit you need. do not carry around a fuckin slide and shit around lowes asking around tho. obv. but a diamond tip bit, water, and a drill press is what i used. works great. just make sure you wash out all of the shards and shavings of glass before using. like clean it out hard core or it will fuck your lungs hardcore.

    heres the bong i made if you guys wanna see.
  17. haha no shit, you can get in shit for having any kind of "parapheneila" with just a tiny amount of resin on it you can get in big shit.

    thanks for the info man.. ++ rep, did you use water, or sand or did you just drill it.. :smoke::smoke:
  18. thanks for the help guys im practicing on beet bottles right now
  19. nice tell me how it does.. :smoke::smoke: if you could post some pics that'd be great. :) I will definetly throw some rep your way.
  20. Yea I made an absinth bottle with a hand drill and diamond bit. No lubricant, and i had trouble holding it and getting it through (thick glass), but overall not too hard. definately dont hold the stem out in the hardware store.

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