Drifting in a kayak stoned anyone?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by thevoodoochile, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I know there has to be some more people out there who do this. It's too

    cool for nobody to do it. In fact I'm banking on the fact that some people

    here can tell me how they take that and make it even more amazing, but

    no I'm not a drinker and hell yeah I already fish and got some music out

    there. C'mon those are givens.
  2. that sounds like it'd be damn amazing right about now, well not now, but later ahah. this girl ive been talkin to has been going and she keeps tellin me i need to take her. damn i wanna go kayaking its been forever
  3. Nothing better sometimes man. Especially getting out anywhere secluded with your weed and your woman. Sounds like you could set up the ideal weekend dude. I'm glad someones running with this.... ah the power of marijuana. All you need is a boat and love sometimes in the world of super technology.
  4. Yeah sounds sweet, especially if you're in a lake that's real complex, not like round and boring. Like, coves to explore and shit.

    Personally, freedom is the name of the game when I'm high. I love to move around and explore. That's what's great about being in a boat, you can go wherever the hell you want.
  5. I do some kayaking from time to time, but usually I take my fishing boat out and cruise/fish/drift while stoned. Play some music on the speakers, and chill. I used to do some sailing, and would love to get one of those really tiny sailboats. Would be fun as shit and relaxing.
  6. Me and my friends do this every sunday on a different river, nothing better!
  7. me and my friend just recently rented a paddle boat and did this. we didn't realize until we were in the middle of the lake that it was broken though, so we just drifted for the remaining hour we paid for. trying to make it back in time before we had to pay for the next hour was a bitch, but other than that, awesome experience.
  8. thread title is what i'm going to be doing all summer :D
  9. I actually just got back from kayaking a lake and then took it to a river. Two J's, a couple bowl packs and six pack of Bud Light lime. Was an awesome time. Next time i go im going to bring my fishing pole.
  10. done it before its super sick i made a thread on it once
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    I love doing this!

    My favorite place to kayak and toke is Lake George, NY. Been going there since I was a kid and it's some of the most beautiful nature i've ever seen. It's fun to kayak out to a rock in the middle of the lake, smoke up on said rock, then go swimming in the crystal clear water!
  12. Kayaking the Ardeche Gorge in Southern France and rivers in British Columbia/the Yukon are some of my best memories ever. Peace.
  13. hard to say man...doesnt take much to be happy out there...i usually take weed, a few beers, camera and thats abotu it...my phone has music if i want it. a hammock is always a good idea tho. pull off to the side, set up a hammock over the water and chill with a joint, a beer and some munchies..then get back at it.
  14. florida yaker here who loves to fish and smoke out with my buddies on the florida flats on out on the man river islands. but i like the river night time shark fishing jam session with multiple spliff's

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