Dried out during bloom

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  1. So here's my problem right. My friend gave me this plant to grow and apparently there wasent enough perlite in the dirt wich made the dirt way to compact and the plant began to dry out even tho I watered it every 2 days. So what I ended up doing was to lift up the plant with the roots and all and kind of shaking off some dirt with my hands and then I added some new dirt with more perlite in it and after that I took a chapstick and I poked holes around the base of the plant just to get the water in there. What would happend was that I would water the plant and in no time the water would just drain out down the bottom and the plant would dry out.

    So my question is, after doing all of this whats the next steps to make? I'm 2,5weeks into bloom and I'm not sure of what to do, do I spray it more often? do I water it as usual? Do I add the nutrients or do I wait with it?

    I've lost a lot of leafs and as you can see in the vid (hopefully) its pretty dried out...
    I use a 400w LED fullspectrum light thats about 35cm (14 inches) above the plant and thats the best I can do withouth bending the plant down wich I dont want to right now. Please help ! :(
  2. what size is your pot? how much water are you using per feed? are you using foliage spray?

    ive had flowering plants that i needed to water almost daily. personally i use 1 gallon of water for a 5 gallon bucket and a half gallon for a 3 gal bucket.

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