Dried bud has a strange potent smell!!!?

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  1. I recently dried around 8 ounces of GDP and I found that some of the nugs have a strong scent that doesn't smell like pot, while most of the other nugs have a very mild smell.

    A few of the largest tops are the buds that smell strange and I'm worried that they might be infected with mold that is invisible to the naked eye, but since I'm a noob grower I can't say for sure.

    I can't accurately describe the smell, but it almost smells chemically. I still have some more buds on my plants that I've yet to cut down and I smelled them to discover that a few of my uncut tops have this smell too, while other ones do not.

    I'm curious if the strange smell will go away while curing in jars or if it will spread to the other buds.

    Should I separate the smelly ones from the others?

    Could mold or bud rot be the case, but I can't see it?

    Thx for the help!
  2. a picture says a thousand words:rolleyes:
  3. Hmm, if the nugs are put in jars when they are too wet they can get a strange smell (not neccesarily mould), but seeing as you can smell it on uncut buds I'm not sure. Get a pocket microscope and check for mould. If you can't see any, I'm sure it's fine; just make sure to dry it well.
  4. Did the stems snap when you finished drying and started to cure? If they weren't completely dry before going into jars, mold can take over pretty quickly. I've smelt moldy buds, it's not a smell you forget. It smells sweet but....moldy.
  5. He said that some of the buds on the pant have the same smell...so the Cure has nothing to do with it :D. Maybe the top buds are a little more mature hence the different smell. Other than that not sure what to tell you:confused:...Good luck.
  6. Maybe he's just never really smelled purple weed? To me, purple weed smells much, MUCH more like a flower than green weed. Green weed has a much more skunky, dull kind of smell. Purple has a sharp flower scent that can never be mistaken by a vet. :)

    I'm not saying you haven't seen weed that was the color puple, but do you have a lot of experience with purple strains?
  7. SORRY I temporarily abandoned my own thread lol! I had to go out of town to deal with a family emergency and I didn't have an opportunity to reply.

    Thx for the help guys! I took weedski's advice and used my microscope to check for mold. Turns out there wasn't any mold thankfully.

    I'm still not totally sure why those tops smelled the way they did, but the aroma I was concerned about has become faint and has even started to change into a more familiar smell I'd expect from GDP.

    @ CaliGrown, I don't have much experience with purple strains at all. It's possible that the smell was normal, but now I'm starting to wonder if I might not have flushed them enough before I cut the first/most mature nugs. My flood and drain system was a lot more flood than drain and it might be possible that my rock wool blocks absorbed and built up so many nutrients that 11 days of just water wasn't enough to totally cleanse them. So I was smelling nutrient build up in the weed possibly??

    @Grasshumper, my dog chewed up my camera's battery charger last week! Grrrrrrrrrr

    @Miguel420, yes the stems snapped before I put them in jars, but Xfactor69 already proved that the cure has nothing to do with the smell.
  8. Sometimes weed stinks. Was recently researching some seeds that described the growing plant aroma as "cat piss".
  9. break open one of those big buds and look for some mold or rot. if it smells like ammonia, its probably rotten. trim off the bad shit, salvage the rest. for your sake, i hope its just some pungeant weed.
  10. Well, with strains such as "Skunk" and "Cat Piss," and descriptive words such as "pungent," and "dank," used, weed sounds like a very smelly plant ;)
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    Buds that contain a lot of moisture smell more like plant matter than fragrant buds. The smell will improve as the buds dry more.

    When I first harvested my Bubba Kush on my last grow, it didn't smell like weed at all to me. Then after I let it fully dry, it smelled like that dank, pungant, piney/citrus smell I love and rermember!

    If your stems bend without snapping, then the buds aren't dry enough and the weird smell will probably persist.

    Give it time.

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