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  1. Wow, its been a long time since I've posted. Sorry for not keeping folks updated on my current grow. Life was busy, so something had to give.

    This grow has been the best one so far, and very low maintenance. I am still running Botanicare, and have used exactly half of the recommended schedule, and the girls are responding to it beautifully For those of you familiar with Botanicare- the only two supplements I use are Aqua Shield and Calmag, and I use both of them at the recommended levels.

    This time instead of scrogging, I used some tomato cages to use for training, and I've been real happy with it. Much less work, and I've actually put together what looks to be a much better yield.

    Also different than last time, where I ran very high nute levels (1300-1500 during flower), I kept the nutes low, especially early in the veg state - never really raised them above 400. Even into my 8th week of flower, I am only running about 950 to 1000. During the week, the levels drift up to 1100 or so, but when they do, I just add pure H2O, and bring it back down

    As to flushing, I flush every Saturday, and add fresh solution. I think the frequency keeps the pots from getting toxic.

    Btw, these girls are about 80 days old and are 8 weeks into flower. My garden is the same as my last two grows - 400 Watt HPS and, 4 bucket hydro RDWC in a tent.

    Also, I ordered 5 Fem seeds of Wonder Woman from Nirvana, and all five popped and survived, so I have one of the girls in soil - I just used Miracle Grow potting soil, and have been using the Botanicare on it as well - soil formula of course.

    Well, I took an ass - load of pics tonight, so I will just give you a bunch of Eye Candy.
  2. Well, I've tried to upload pics several times. Maybe there is something going on with the site. I will try again in a few.
  3. Waiting to see. Going to hang out see how your grow goes.
  4. I've loaded photos to this site a thousand times, but have been trying for two days to load jpeg files to this grow journal. Anyone else experiencing any issues?
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    Let's try this, I posted my pics on the gallery and then copy and pasted from there. Double click on the photo and it will send you to photo gallery, and you can scroll thru and zoom on each photo. Not sure if the site is having issues, but I've never had to go thru so many things just to post some photos.
  6. I haven't been able to load for two days as well.Its happened before but not this long
  7. Thanks, were you able to view the pics I loaded from the gallery?
  8. I mis-spoke on my earlier posting, the girls are at the end of week 7 flower. The trichomes are still very clear, and I imagine I have about 3 weeks left. Wow, these babies smell so sweet! I hope the site is in better shape, and I can load some pics. Here's another try:

    View attachment 952583

    View attachment 952584

    View attachment 952585
  9. One more try and then I give up!

    GRN PRJ 006.jpg

    GRN PRJ 007.jpg

    GRN PRJ 008.jpg
  10. Here you go, more day 49 flower pics

    GRN PRJ 009.jpg

    GRN PRJ 010.jpg

    GRN PRJ 011.jpg

    GRN PRJ 013.jpg
  11. im digging how those fans are staying so green even at what you say 8 weeks in? looks like you got a good 4 more weeks at least!!!! good job bro!
  12. Thanks man! Yeah, I have been very impressed with this grow. I am a true believer in keeping the nute levels low. I really think its made all the difference in the world. When I checked the levels this morning, the PPM was at 880. I can't wait to see the yield on these babies. Thanks for stopping in btw, its been a while.

  13. lol i think im one of the few that would agree with ya on that one :D people still jam nutes down these girls throats...for the life of me...i do not know why
  14. I listened to folks like you on my first grow (I made other mistakes on that one, LOL), but tried to run high nutrient levels on my last wonder woman grow, and realized upon harvest that the yield was held back by the toxicity of the solution. This time I purposely kept them low, and I think this will be my best yielding grow so far. I think most people mistakenly think higher levels mean higher yields, I totally disagree. For me, higher levels just meant more problems, spots on the leaves, airy and smaller buds, lack of deep green colors on the leaves, etc................ In addition, the lower levels have required much less adjustment of the PH levels, the solution just seems so much more stable over the course of the grow. As always, thanks for stopping by, and also for the advice on my earlier grows, its really helped me as I've developed.
  15. Just moving into the 8th week of flower (Day 50 to be exact):

    Conducting a flush today, pretty much do so every weekend. Will gradually start reducing the nute levels from here on out with each weekly flush. The trichomes are still clear so I think I have at least 3 weeks left to go, but I have plenty of weed, so I can be patient. I took some pics thru the ole sunglasses this morning. Wow, I love how succulent they look. BTW, while these are still a bit frosty, they aren't as sparkly as I like, in the cooler months, I am able to run a dehumidifier and keep the RH to around 35, this tricks the girls into making more resins. With the concern for heat, I've only been able to keep it between 50 and 65. Well, enough talk, here are the shots:

    grn prj x03.jpg

    grn prj x06.jpg

    grn prj x10.jpg

    grn prj x08.jpg
  16. More Day 50 Flower pics:

    grn prj x11.jpg

    grn prj x13.jpg

    grn prj x12.jpg
  17. So jealous lol. Nice work, even better to hear your in the surplus as well. Sucks being in the red.
  18. Yaayyyyy I got here, It's been a long time. I see that you lower your nutes this time. Yo were giving them almost 2k ppms on your second grow. ND is the man on giving low nutes and getting big ass buds.

    BTW I notice your link on your sig has http twice, after trying for a while I finally got here.
  19. Sooooooo..... any updates? :poke:
  20. I had the hardest time getting the link to take. Any hints on how to do it properly? Thanks for visiting.

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