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  1. Decided to start a journal where everyone can tag and along and for me to make a lot of notes in my 1st dance with coco. Been growing indoor for 4 years now and just about finished my 2nd year outdoor with a pretty successful harvest. Indoor in soil has been hit or miss for me. I've grown with organics, bottled chems, and synthetics. I seemed to have the best luck growing in ffof with the whole fox farms line. Organics has been great and produced some very good quality and tasty smoke but the yields are nowhere where I need then to be.

    I don't really have any rules for my journals just don't come in here being disrespectful that's all. I'm nowhere near an expert so and advice or suggestions are appreciated.

    I'm running to the hydro store this morning so I'm not really sure what kind of coco I'm getting but will probably go with a mixture that is already cut with perilite. I heard coco loco is good. I've decided to go with general hydroponics flora grow, bloom and micro. Also with be using calmag and possibly liquid cool bloom for weight in flower and also canas rhizzotonic for root development. 5 gal smart pots will be used since I've probably got 20 laying around. I'll get to my room and strains and all that a little later as I'm still making my final selections. Haven't decided if I want to go grab some clones and go all 1 strain or use the seeds I just popped. I'm kinda tired of clones. Lately I can't seem to get any stable genes that don't want to pre flower on me. Stay tuned......
  2. Hello everyone. Haven't had a sub yet but I decided to go with coco gold label and the canna line. They seem to really know their stuff when it comes to coco. Lots of research and info on their site and they even have an app to download onto your phone and the ability to input numbers and customize your grow and feeding schedule. I'll let everyone know once I get that up and running. I transplanted my first plant from seed tonight into a 5 gal smart pot and gave it a small dose of canna coco a and b along with cannazym. I will be adding some canna rhizzotonic or liquid kelp soon and canna boost and pk in flower. I liked how the nutrients I added tonight brought the pH right to 6.1. My tap water is very high in ph and tdm so I bubble it to de-clorinize and I also add ph down as it is above 10.0 if I use it straight out the tap which has caused me recent problems in soil growing organic. I know coco sucks a lot of calmag out of the roots so I have it standing by but I'll wait since canna coco a and b already have a fair dose of it. Btw I'm cutting the coco with a 60/40 perlite mix. I'm spent right now from trimming tons of outdoor today and I'm kinda bummed I only transplanted one plant to coco but at least I'll be fresh and have an update and pics tomorrow. Strain is jack herer. Night ;)
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    Ive always been wanting to try indoor. there is a small building on our property that would  be perfect for it.  Even though I have done electrical repair and HVAC maintenance for fifteen years the thought of a fire scares  me. Every time it happens in Marin county it gets put on the front page of the newspaper like it is a bunch of retarded  criminals or something. I am sure its pretty safe I just have never learned about it.  also what does the monthly electrical bill end up costing?  I definitely want to get into it because I miss having plants around in the winter, and the thought of being able to give my plants as much light per day as I want sounds awesome. Good luck and I,ll be watching. I'm sure it will turn out great.
  4. You'll be 1 up on everyone if you have experience with wiring because you can probably outfit all your ballasts for 240v and save power. I run 2 rooms with 3000w of hps and 1000w led, 3 fans, 2 ac units and my bill is around 500-600 month. But I'm running a lot of juice and fall/winter is near which will probably knock off 200-300
  5. That's not bad, a few ounces of good indoor will pay for the whole month of electricity. I,m sure the people that screw up don't know anything about wiring. Good luck on your grow I,ll be checking it out.
  6. I'm gunning for 2 lbs a lights this run. What are you going to be growing in?
  7. What up drew? I am sub'd up now you many continue.
  8. I'm subbed as well since I've grown a few indoor runs w/coco any questions just bounce them off me I have run the lucas formula with success and plan on getting another run together here soon. 60/40 is good on the cut just be sure to let that coco dry out a bit between feeding good luck.
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    If I do indoor i'd use fox farm soil with organic big bloom probably. I have a lot to learn about indoor and I'd try and keep it simple the first time. It poured last night so took all my outdoor down at the same time. Feeling overwhelmed. That's one good thing about indoor, no rain to worry about. I guess you said you weren't happy with the yield using fox farms soil. I'll be watching to see what happens with your new grow. I,m sure it will come out great.
  10. I started out using ffof with fox farm nutes including their powders and killed it indoor.
  11. Yea that,s what Ive been using outdoors for three years and I,m happy with the results, and I know how to use their products already.
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    I'd probably try a bottled run outdoor but it'd be way too expensive since I was watering about 100gal a week. Plus sun just seems to go great with organics
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    1st log. Got 5 from seed transplanted so far. Jack herer 1 phd to 6.2 after adding nutrients. Funny that I didn't have to use any ph up or down but when I added nutrients and checked this morning the ph had dropped quiet a bit which proves that bubbling your water will not only declorinate it, but lowers the pH a little. So I'm going to experiment a little with different ph levels and see what works best. From all my research coco looks to have the best results at 5.2 - 6.2 which is good because if your going full hydro with a reservoir it can't really vary that much. Anyhow phd the blue dream at 5.2, bush og at 5.7. I left the Jack Herer 2 and super sour og at 5.8. I'll see if it makes a difference in a few days. I only have enough coco for 1 more plant so I think I'm doing the next biggest tonight which is the cheese
  14. Subd up!

    Ive been running coco for 4 years, I like it but I think im going back to soil as after this years outdoor proved to me that this plant is very independent and that using bottles or switching mediums just complicates the "plants science". I use botanicaires slacker aeration formula but its damn near soil. I think coco takes away some flavor ime.

    I use h&g, ive used all the additives and have windled down to just using the base a and b with some myco at transplant and amino treatment and roots excel during veg. With great yields and flavor.

    Good luck, oh and cal mag isnt an issue for me using tap and h&g and coco. I used it but then stopped and no difference.
  15. Subbed up Drew.

    I've ran all Organics indoor n outdoor for several years but I'm Almost a month in on my indoor and it's coco for my 1st time as well. I'd just like to say tht I'm loving the outcome as of now.

    Along for the ride for sure.
  16. Subbed up Drewdog! Looking forward to seeing that Blue Dream rock out! I used to do the coco- canna thing for years with great results but have switched to organic soil now and am loving the final product even more. No matter- love to see good pot grown!! Thanks for sharing. LF
  17. I'm going to find a way to get you a cut of it too. It's the best blue dream I've seen in a long while.

    Glad to have a few experienced coco growers in here. I was going general hydro but cannas website and the guy in the hydro shop changed my mind.
  18. Was it canna that you used? Looks like some of their a and b already have some Calmag in it so I don't think I'll have to add it. The guy at my favorite hydro shop said to try it without 1st
  19. Wait what about me I thought I talked you into coco?!? Lol jk we talked about it tho and coco is the best hybrid between hydro and soil. You can even add amendments to the coco like you would soil. But you know this I'm glad you took the plunge bro

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