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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by gman112, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I know the concept is krayz, but a friend of mine said he could set it up. I already have a solid wood dresser that's about a foot deep,5 feet tall and roughly 28 inches wide.How exactly would it work? I would be a first time grower in a few months and curious about the idea,possibly w/ white widow. thanks!!:wave:
  2. would definitely work out with a 150 or 250 mh/hps air cooled light. Maybe run 2-4 plants in there under that type of light. CFL is always an option as well but with the space you have it would be better suited with the HID lighting. YOu need that penetration.
  3. thanks for the lighting tip Maccgyver.:smoke: but what about the potency of the plant? what kind of carbon filtering system would you recommend for white widow? I heard it can get quite smelly especially indoors.o another Q(sorry ima newb at growing) :D would 4 legit sized plants fit( w/ LST to make them upright, plus that strand typically grow's up from 50-80 inches).knowledge is wealth, give to tha poor haha.thanks!:cool:
  4. you will get as much product with 2 lst'ed plants with less scrap that you would with 4 normal plants. not to mention if you go hydro, with for a newbie i wouldnt recommend, the buckets wont fit. just make sure you get a good ph meter. i learned from my mistakes. you gonna have to cut holes in the side of the dresser for you ventilation if you wanna run hid's. and any carbon filter will do two plants. but if you're looking to save $ check this out.

  5. you could look into getting a strain that has a generally low odor while growing, kali mist and many sativa strains tend to be less smelly during growth. Once drying though watch out.

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