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  1. dreams are really interesting. and those of you like myslef that can lucid dream know that its similar to a trip. but i was thinkiing about how the mind works and where dreams come from and i had an interesting probably wrong but cool theory.

    now i dont believe in reincarnation but what if dreams were memories of a past life running through your mind? the mind is a powerful thing and its hard to understand where the randomness of dreams comes from.

    what do you guys think about this theory? and what are your thought on dreams?
  2. I often believe my dreams are peeks into all my different lives in different alternate realities (because they are an infinite amount if they exist).
  3. When you actually stumble upon a method to switch realities, get back to me, we could could have a bad ass conversation, but till then, keep on searching.

    The exileration of the Inbetween, and mastering it, like riding a bull, now thats the real trip if ya know what I mean.

    I wish I could show you.
  4. you talking about lucid dreaming?
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    Maybe dreaming is the connection between parallel universes of our own.
  6. Maybe you gotta be dreaming when you die so you can "jump".
  7. Perhaps, but I think we might be able to open up "jump" points in our history lines, naturally these would accure at birth and death, but like in most video games, we human gota find some loop holes and hack our way to the core so to speak. So If we comsune some shrooms or dmt under the right cercumstances (i.e. madetation or deprevation tank ect) perhaps we can induce the same portal that opens at the moment of death and birth to open not so much at will but we can willingly set this process into motion, with the proper disipline one might be able to work with the force or forces we encounter instead of being at their mercy. These beings might be archetypes of real forces say like of Time, gravity, so on and so forth. If we are the one mind then we can realize that in that state, those archetypes are us or One Self split into many, then we can become lucid and what would happen... Perhaps we just get to visit for a short time that common place... But what if we could go back to the last time we tripped? Would we remember the future, or would we slip on the new ( old) suit of memories for that history, never the wiser?
  8. Well speaking on the future, I'v had dejavu when I was in 6th or 7th grade and i'll never forget it. I had a dream I was on the back of the bus and i just started flipping off people in the cars behind the bus and at one point I remembered that I had these pop rocks(you thought them on the ground nd then PoP) and I started to throw them out the window at people then I woke up, Well the next day when I was on the bus going home these things started happening, and it freaked me out like crazy because I had forgot about that dream until I was flipping people off on the back of the bus.

    I mean if you can have shit like that happen there must be some other shit that goes on that meditation and what not will help you realize about all sorts of things.

    As for the archetypes I'd say that its more then possible, Mind over matter can be taken "litterly", I mean our mind to start off with is stronger then matter it self you know?
  9. Yeah, I think once you loose all attachments to your personal history at the moment you are totally free, you have the memories to guide you without the attachment to pull you along. Weed is good for this. Speaking of sychronicities, I have been wanting to trip for awhile now, and I had bought like 150 Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds var. Hawaiian and made an extraction out of them, well I just found 3 seeds on the top of my cabnet where I rarely look and found em. I guess I knew I would need them...got to go....no wait so I got a needle nose plyer and crushed em in a zip lock (with the pliers and seeds in the bag so bag wont break), and ate them. I am now peaking. So I am now thinking that I pretty much am done "searching" for that treasure chest, now I need to bury it and put everything I learned to use, I always have been a bit of a backwards person, unlike the squares. But I quess they learn all this eventuall, all the while living life. bye...

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