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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SethSexy, May 29, 2009.

  1. Anyone else have the most INSANE dreams when you go to bed stoned?

    I actually skip school quite often after a night of tokin, just so I can finish the dream
  2. Happens to me quite often, i seem to have really vivid dreams and about 3 or 4 of them, its the weirdest thing :p
  3. all the time. Last night I dreamed I was spider-man and venom was after me. It was a scary ass dream lol but it was tight using my webs to swing around.

    The night before I had some sort of invisibility cloaking device and I was sneaking around this facility.

    Whenever I smoke before bed I have very adventurous dreams.

    I can relate on saying fuck it to stuff and just sleeping instead too when I'm having a cool ass dream.
  4. when i go to bed stoned (which i try to avoid because i think its a waste) its either a really deep sleep, or a really bad sleep where I wake up easily....never a normal sleep. weed hits the creative part of your brain so i wouldnt be surprised if some people had some awesome cool dreams when going to bed stoned.
  5. I have some trippy ass dreams when I drink chamomile tea
  6. well I normally have trouble getting to sleep so I normally toke before bed and yes, I have had some crazy ass dreams. good shit lol.:smoking:
  7. My dreams are always about me being able to pause time.

  8. For real?
    I hate the way it tastes, but that'd be worth it

    ...I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. :confused:
  9. thats pretty funny you bring that up i was just talking to one of my boys about that lol..i always have the most insane dreams when i go to bed high, and i go to bed really early usualy affter dinner if i smoked b4 and wake up super early like 1 or 2am then i just pass out
  10. ...that's cool.

    I really haven't noticed my dreams a difference in my dreams. I think it really depends on what I'm doing or thinking before I go to bed that has the most influence.
  11. I usually have dreams about my ex girlfriend and I, but the other day I had a wicked dream about a chick I haardly knew. Then, it morphed into something else but the same dream. Crazy shit. But good fun.
  12. Speaking of dreams, I just found this onion clip which I think is golden:
  13. damn thats pretty fucking cool. in almost any of my dreams I can levitate like 25 feet into the air by flapping my arms like a bird and I can glide by just holding my arms out and jumping down a hill lol. :hello:
  14. Haha, that vid is pretty wicked.
  15. Anyone ever have Zombie dreams? I have had tons of zombie dreams while high.
  16. one of my only vivid dreams (the kind you can control) involved zombies :(

    i was at some gas station at night when i realized i was dreaming, at which point i started to freak out because i figured if i thought of something bad that it would happen.

    i thought of zombies......

    worst dream ever.....

    however, i did escape them by flying to the moon so it wasn't all too bad i guess.
  17. Thanks, and my dreams are always fun because I can do whatever i want. Ex: Stop time, steal a car, or stop time, kill someone. its always awesome.

    Warning Im:smoke: right now
  18. I had one once, I think.
    It was hella fucked up.
  19. I have great dreams whenever I smoke before bed...which is like every night...although I rarely remember exactly what was going on :smoke:

    The odd thing is, if I DON'T smoke I tend to have HORRIBLE dreams and a generally hard time getting to sleep at all...anybody else get that?
  20. Bingo. Not the horrible dreams part but I find it really hard to get to sleep without smoking. Acorn327 and I used to bake the night before tests and shit so that we would get really well rested.

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