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  1. REcently, like a week after stooping toking.

    I've been having REALLY intense dreams. these things are like real life. Nothing out of the odrinary happens, or if it does, it dosnt excite me as much as it would really.

    For example i Drempt i'd met metalica last night, and we just got on. i wasnt even excited about it. and i've had others but there hard to recall. its really annoying. i wake up sure somthings happaned only to find, it hasnt.

    I havnt had such vivid dreams for a very long time. but the thing is there all the same kinda thing. me liviving my life. nothing else to them. i need somebody who can analise dreams really.

  2. Oh man, that happens to me a lot and it pisses me off, well most of the time it pisses me off b/c most of the time it's something I wish would actually happen(that's probably why I'm dreaming it in the first place).
  3. that happened to me last night...i couldn't figure out whether or not i had sex with my hot history professor or not...

  4. Yea seriously, I've woken up thinking I broke my 2 year streak of not smoking cigarettes, thinking I have more tattoos than I actually do, and thinking that I get with these insanely beautiful girls... only to find out they were just fuckin' dreams.
  5. just goes to show how powerful the brain is to conjure such real images and feelings. pretty cool that we have no power over what we dream...kinda freaks me out a bit
  6. no this is nothing like that, i wake up think i was at work and its the day after it is. my dreams are just me getting up eating and going to work, nearly every night. nothing really out the ordinary, just happens like that once or twice.
  7. not really. why?

  8. dude Ive had 2 dreams with metallica in them.

    first one was me on stage playing lead and kirk was sitting out .

    and the second was in thier house it was the coolest house and I started to have a full on sword fight with James it was wicked and both times I wake up thinking fuck yeah then im like what it was just a dream
  9. I've found that as well whenever i stop smoking for a while, i get wierd dreams..vivid dreams, it's like cannabis masks your dreams and you don't think anything when you sleep, especially if you go to bed stoned.
  10. i usually dont remember my dreams, but recently i have had vey intense, horrifying dreams. in one i was in the shower, and my hands suddenly went numb, and i tried to turn off the shower, but since i couldnt move my hands, i turned it to hott. so i was there flopping around in the shower trying to turn it off, and i finally did, but not before i got burned. i stepped out and looked in the mirror, and saw that my back was covered with giant blisters and flaps of loose skin. them blood just started pouring out. i could feal it running down my back. i started to walk down the hall , and the walls started bleeding, and i passed out. this all took place in my old house, where i havnt lived for three years.

    another one wasi was watching tv in bed, and the closet light randomely turns on. i get up and turn it off, then resume watching tv. suddenly the light rurns back on, the doors fly open, and the most horrible screaming comes out of the closet. i curled up and closed my eyes. i could then feel something coming out of the closet and looking over me. i never saw it though. some scary shit. i woke up and was afraid to go back into my room and get the clothes outta my closet.

  11. dude that freaked me out, we shud make a movie with it!!
  12. i had a really awesome dream the other night, and i cant remmebe what it was, but i liked it, and reading about dreamsmakes me wanna go and dream, i hope i havethe same one, good night and...sweet dreams too all lol

  13. or cannabis allows you to dream while your awake? maybe without noticing it our highs becomes our dreams ..when your high have you ever noticed when weird shit happens your justl ike ..wtf!? and it blows your mind. you get real mindfucked by it. you say wow! i must be stoned!

    nd when something real weird happens sober ..you may say to yourself ..wow i must be dreaming.
  14. whoa... it's been almost 2 weeks since i've smoked and this past week i've having some very strange dreams. yesterday i had a pretty bad one and it was very vivid. i woke up with pains in my throat.. the feeling you get when crying. and many other weird dreams this past i don't want to get into details cuz i've forgotten some of them but i still remember a handful.. besides me and dr krapp: has anyone else gotten strange dreams after say one or two weeks of not smoking daily?
  15. its definatly to do with smoking, cos theo ther weekend i had some and had two nights of dreamless sleep, followed byu more dreams, but i just have normal dreams now. its just strange
  16. Ever have lucid dreams? Those are fun as hell!
  17. I can remember a repetitive dream I used to have as a kid (when I was like 6-10)

    It always started with me running around this huge track dodging like furniture and this houseplant we had in our house. Then my dad would appear behind me, and he was HUGE! And he would chase me around the track for a while...then my stuffed rabbit Bunny started running with me and we ducked off into some building. It would always have the exact same twists and turns and stuff and we would be goin through it. Then like stars would start flying by me and we would be running on another track...

    I swear I had this dream about 1,000 from the ages of 5-10. It wasnt all that scary, but for some reason it kinda scared me...my dad never hurt my or anything, so I dont know why he would be chasing me...There was another dream I had prolly an equal number of times from those ages...but it was REALLY fucking scary, and I dont really wanna remember it.

    Recently I have been having dreams kinda like you seem to dr_krapp...they are just my ordinary everyday life, with maybe 1 thing that doesnt usually happen in each...and they seem SO real that when I wake up, I expect it to have happen, and them a few minutes later I'm disappointed cuz I realize it was a dream...but, I have smoked pretty much every day for the past week...I think I havnt for maybe 2 days now...
  18. Sorry bout this going of the thread but I just had to say I don't really agree with the edict of no fear no hope!!
    My reason for this is it should (in my opinion )read as follows.
    No fear No unbroken bones
    No fear No sense. LOL
    Both of these apply to me but I always had hope.
    I fell from a cliff face while climbing in Spain,when I set out it was without fear but with the hope of reaching the top without incident.This didn't happen,when I was about 60 feet up I lost my grip and fell,luckily I missed the face of the cliff and landed in about 6 feet of water,by some miracle I landed reasonably safely(no broken bones that time)and walked away as if nothing happened.
    Now you would think after such a close call I would have calmed down but, two weeks later I very nearly got squidged
    between a truck and a bus when I decided to overtake the truck on a hill and just as we crested the hill there was a bus coming the other way.

    I believe a lack of fear is a form of insanity or maybe just adrenalin addiction.
  19. okay well my philosophy is that we have dreams based on our day like if during the day you think about alot of things for a long time and you think about one thing for a short amount of time you will dream about that one thing you didnt think about fo ra long tim e i have tested this theory many times. i keep a dream book where i record every dream that i have.

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