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  1. Dreams are fantastic and it's still difficult to point out why they exist and what they are. Sure some people say they're just left over stuff that our brains delete during the night etc. But there's so much more, some tribes and nations believe that during sleep we go to a different place (where our ancestors live so basicaly "place of the death") Carl Jung ponders that the thing we call reality (i.e day time life) is infact someones (somethings) dream also. A chinese wiseman had a dream where he was an butterfly flying arouns etc. and when he woke up he couldn't be sure if he was who he was dreaming of being a butterfly or was he an butterfly dreaming of being an chinese man.

    Sometimes you hear songs in dreams that do not exist in a "real" world. Sometimes you get ideas from dreams, inspiration obscure messages. They did tests with ESP, where they put one patient in to an sleeping room, a monitoring person in to another with an EEG and a thrid person in to another room where there was 12 envelopes with different images. When the patient fell asleep the monitoring person saw this from the EEG and gave a sign to the third person who then picked one of the 12 envelopes and focused to the picture and tried to "send" it to the sleeping one. The sleeping patient was waken every 1 1/2 hours and asked what did he see during the dream, this was repeated some 5-7 times during the night. After they had perfomed this test to several people they took the results and the images to an "jury" who read the report and watched the images and marked the pictures that were closest to the dreams. 7 times out of 8 they were exactly the same they had "send" to the patients.
  2. Perception does truly alter that which one is looking at. They way you look at something can alter everything. Nothing is as it seems, and everything changes. Dreams are altered states of perception. The same effects can be accomplished using various drugs. I'm tripping right now so this sounds sweet.

  3. then why do people sometimes have dreams that really make no sense? I mean, last night I had a dream I was back with one of my ex's but he wanted to be in an orgy with another guy and girl and I ended up with the girl....what am I supposed to learn from that?!
  4. dreams are a product of your succonsious mind. the ideas are always there, but when u dream and your conscious mind shuts down your subconscious takes over. maybe deep down you actually want to be in an orgy. think about it...or not.
  5. Okay, I saw this movie at the right time....

    See "Waking Life".

    It seriously deals with exactly that, and so much more. See it, man. Fantastically interesting....

  6. oh me oh my.
    you've not taken enough magic mushrooms hempress. there is much that we understand exists, but do not understand. because we cannot explain or quantify is no reason to asume there is no explanation at all.

    i hope i explained that right..... i'd hate for my 1000th post to be a crap garble of meaningless jibberings.

    i have few dreams...(i'm not a big cheese eater) but those that i remember, usually hold some powerfull significance.

    i've also had some quite intense serial dreams.... ones that continue from one night to the next. one realy crazy one where there was a huge post appocalyptic war on and i was the only guy... everyone was a soldier but no one seemed quite sure who was on which team. big guns too.

    the most common recurring dream (or event within any dream - this cropped up in loads of dreams), was the walking along everything is fine then it's as if i put one foot wrong and hit the super trampoline spot on the ground then get flung hundreds of meters into the air.... and then... start falling hundreds of meters to the ground. it wasn't until recently that these dreams changed and i stopped falling... or rather stopped landing badly and waking up... i can now bound about the landscape taking steps as big as half a mile. this change in these dreams coincides with two life events and one world event. 1.) Thnx to a rather intense trip, i overcame all fear of death and the unkown beyond death. 2.) i have recently returned to my homeland (Orkney) and somehow this has alowed me to loose my fear of failure, or rather the fear of the consequences of failure. 3.) Prospect of a pre-Appocalyptical war ...This might seem a bit long winded but it does go to show that events both in dreams and in "reality" are closly linked. And Hempress.... you should consider your emotions and how u were feeling in your dream... because... there are NO meaningless dreams. sometimes however the meaning is so hidden that we cannot see it. your dream COULD have absolutly nothing to do with your ex or sexuality at all. but i doubt it. you should go carpet munching and see how you like it. :D heehee.
  7. Ive always been fascinated by dreams. Its like another world...ive seen some of the most amazing things in my dreams. Sometimes dreams remind me of tripping, like on payote or something. Have you guys ever tried lucid dreaming? Theres alot of stuff about that and other stuff about dreams at www.erowid.org
  8. I had this dream a couple weeks ago but it's still as clear as it can be:

    I went to an building wich was called "school" and there were two sections in it, one for the younger ones and andother for the older ones (oldest people there were about 70 or so). Anyway they did time traveling in that place when they were on the section of the young people from ages of 0-25 they travelled back in time, back to where they were old (young people grew older when they travelled back in time). The section of the old people from 25-70 travelled forwards in time (old people were young in the future). non of the young people liked this but it was all they had and they couldn't protest it in any serious way. The travelling happened with parachutes there were slings in both ends of the "school" where swung the travellers up to the air where they floated until they reached the time portal state (wich was something like fallinf asleep). The school was the shape of an huge Z. At the end of the dream the people inside the "school" turned the rotation upside down so that old people were going back in time and the young were going tot he future. I asked on of the younger ones "why is this happening I tought it was impossible to turn the system upside down" the kid lookwd up to me and said "it is, expect today" and then they gave me an parachute and I rised tot he air and floated for a little time and started falling asleep. then I woke up.
  9. far out ubik.
    and u breeder.

    forgot what i was going to say now... that totally blew my mind ubik.
  10. Nice to hear it had some effect. But it was really weird because it still is very clear all the location and furniture and the weather everything. I'm thinking that maybe starting as some sort Dream book would be a good idea. Basicaly it's just and notebook and a pen next to your bed or an speech machine and the first thing you're supposed to do is to write down everything you can remember of the dream and if something comes up later on write it down too.

    There are some ways that you can learn to take controll of you're dreams like you're in a dream and you know it and you can basicaly do anything, the methods were quite simple but can take months to use them. The guy who told me about this said it was way better than LSD. Imagine it! you can do anything in an enviorement that is made by your sub-consious, fly float anything well of you're dirty enough you could have sex with anyone. but but haven't tried it myslef. But I do sometimes realize I'm having a dream and then the dreams usualy go quite bizzarre
  11. i kinda managed that when i learned i could jump about the hillside... didn't really feel like i was in control of the dream though.. just in my ability to go where i wanted or how high i jumped/steped...
    ... next time i start dreaming of doing that i'm going to go see if i can explore places i've not been before... or maybe see if i can make it all the way into the town before i wake up.

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