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  1. My bro just told me about a dream he had recently. Before I start, I've gotta say that this dream was not brought about by any sort of substance--he has dreams like this regularly.

    Anyways, at the begginning, one of his friends was selling pink T-shirts with a picture of a puppy on them for $20. Some dude wanted to by them for less (I think my bro said $8 but I'm not sure), so he could re-sell them on ebay. Eventually my bro's friend's mom got involved and was talking to the dude's wife, telling her that he had to pay $20, and that it wasn't possible to sell them for less.

    Suddenly the direction of the dream altered and my bro's friend got the idea that he would start selling blue chocolate chip cookie dough. My brother thought it was a great idea, and production commenced. The next part is fucked up. My bro went to the factory where they made the dough, and looked down at the production floor. All of the work was being done by baby elephants. Baby fucking elephants!!

    I was just wondering if anybody else out there had dreams as fucked up as my brother's. Without any sort of controlled substance (or salvia, or DXM, etc). By the way, this is not the only wierd dream he has had, just the most memorable for me.
  2. that is pretty messed up. i have a lot of wierd dreams too. i had this one dream that sean connery locked me and a bunch of other people in a factory for like 20 years and when i finally got out he was chasing me and i ran back to my old elementary school where he took me from one day and my parents who were real old were still waiting for me. like a rip van winkle thing. and another one i was at the huge mansion on the top of this mountain with all these other people. and we were being chased by this huge yellow robot and he chased me and everyone else down the hill and then i got messed up dreams
  3. Ted.....can i ask a few questions?.....is your brother the kind of guy that allways likes to be in control....i mean does he allways need to have a plan, or know what's going on all the time, or needs to have everything just the way he likes it?......Peace out ........Sid

  4. I do^^^^^^ Sid..

    Most of the time it doesn't happen though!
  5. well do you have any dreams where the situation is allways outwith your control....lots of chaos and mayhem......or something happening that you weren't too happy about but had no control over.........like the wife invited the local bums in for tea and you hated the idea?.but's it's in a dream.....lol.....Peace out....Sid
  6. My sdream is of 20 plus girls that are so good looking that it makes things rise. They are here to please my every wish, BUT can't have SEX of any kind. Oh yea they are all naked and looking good enough to eat!!

    Weird eh?
  7. well according to the info i have from watching analyze this and frasier, and good will hunting and any films with shrinks in them......it is my professional opinion that you are in fact............"Male".....sorry to have to be the one to break it to you mate!!......or maybe you are lesbein with all the girls ans all?.....Sensi, where are you when i need you??.....Peace out....Sid
  8. Correct on both counts. Looks like you have learnt a thing or twos!

    Our new Dr.Phil for the city.... Dr. Sid
  9. Sid, I'd like to respond to the questions you asked before this thread was so rudely hijacked by a certain Bud Head. Wait he's a mod! Oh shit, oh shit. All hail the omnipotent Bud Head, knower of all, and lord of the web. He can even blow thunderbolts from his ass (on command--no accidental firings).
    Ass kissing aside, no my bro isn't much like that. He's kind of a monstrous mother fucker (ripped out of his fucking gourd, with muscles) so he does tend to get what he wants, but it's not because of any particular effort on his part. He's just about as easy-going as I am, and he's not even a pot-head. He's had dreams of this calibre for a long time--as long as I can remember--and he fucking loves them. I don't think it's very fair, as I "work" my ass off smoking and have never even had dreams close to his. Hell, I've had dreams in which I can fly and shit, but ELEPHANTS! It's not fair. Last night I had a monkey, but baby elephants eclipse that easily.

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