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  1. What do you think of dreams? Do they have a deeper meaning or is it just our minds way of organizing the day?

    I believe dreams can have meaning. But I also believe dreams are our mind way of organizing information and most dreams just gibberish. Dream interpretation.. All those books about interpreting dreams, can they be accurately applied? Or is it all like zodiac signs
  2. sometimes, you can learn things about yourself from dreaming. sometimes, they're just there and make no sense.
    i remember when i use to work at a butcher shop, and i was getting full-time hours... so for the greater part of the day, all i looked at was meat. one night, i had a very strange dream about floating around in space on a football field-sized rack a spareribs.
    very fucking odd.
  3. Dreams can be strange experiences, full of symbols, ideas, or they can feel very real where all the usual rules of waking life apply. Then some can be lucid, where a whole other level of experience comes to bare, where you might have complete control and can manifest whatever your intention desires.
    Some experience such vivid 'out of body' experiences that they take on a reality all of their own, and who's to say these are not real in every sense of the word. After all, reality may be subjective, but our experience of it is very real. If you can have a dream where you come away having learned something about yourself, effectively becoming more than you were before, then it is just a valid life experience as anything waking life might bring your way, and what's more, you got a good night's kip in the process.
  4. The brain has to function while we are sleeping the same way our heart does. Dreaming is thinking while we are asleep, except we have no control over our thoughts while sleeping. That's why dreams come out weird or funny. Did you know that you cannot read anything in a dream? If you are looking at a book, the words and letters are confusing because your brain cannot interpet them while dreaming.
  5. Be careful what you pass across as 'knowledge' my friend. I can tell you that in some of the lucid experiences I've had, reading is just as easy as it is in waking life. I remember being in the kitchen of what appeared to be a boat. Full of all the detail and rich texture one might find inside a rather cluttered space. I noticed a box of washing powder. Not a brand I'd ever seen irl, but one that any marketing dept would have been proud of. Brand name, logo, description, all clearly there.
    Perhaps some other lucid dreamers, especially ones like TheJourney, who can create lucidity at will, would care to test this out themselves?
  6. Of course, if this non-reading, non-interpreting brain theory was correct, it would mean that what I experienced wasn't a dream. So either it is wrong, or there is far more to these night experiences that we realise. I'll go with the latter.
  7. I think some dreams have meaning. I remember I had dreams that actually happened in reality. I was a bit amazed and freaked out at the same time.
  8. Many people report precognitive dreams, some have them more than once. Some will be coincidences of course, like you dream of a plane crash and then read of one in the paper the next day. I'm sure for everything that happens in the world, someone, somewhere, dreams about it. But there are others who have far more personal experiences that can reveal aspects of their lives that go beyond coincidence.
  9. do you have any experience with astral projection?
  10. Recently meditating, I felt all my trouble, pain, fear, anxiety, depression, and anger lift from my soul as I swung around and balanced a bat like a sword. Then a week later I had 4 dreams in the same night, the thing I can remember is old friends being hyped up on drugs or something having something weird and perhaps demonic about their eyes, and were concerned with attacking me with a blade. A few days later my friends revealed to me an acquaintance's little brother took a machete to him.
  11. Barely read anything but just wanted to say that I rarely ever remember my dreams and when I do they arent all that odd. Whenever I hear people tell me about their dreams I never believe them because they are so crazy. 
  12. Had terrible nightmares the past few nights
  13. A very good read regarding the topic at hand...
    ... and one that will help you lucid dream, which just the experience of being lucid in a 'dream' is beautiful as is, not to mention all the stuff you do and all the scenery you see on the other side.
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