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  1. Who believes in dreams? I have been having some vivid dreams lately about the apocalypse. If anyone is into this kind of stuff, tell me what you think they might mean...(sorry it's not typed well)
    The first one I had was about 2 months ago, but it's engraved in my memory like it actually happened yesterday. (some of it's kind of sillly but hey it freaked me out enough)...I was camping with like a church group in the open woods. Everyone was chilling, singing, having a nice time. It was dark and a campfire was lit. Suddenly mile long 8-balls start flying thru the sky like huge comets on fire, I was terrified and knew the world was ending. I then was trying to call my mom while the forest set fire, and chaos broke loose. She answered and I told her i loved her so much...then my dream flipped to me alone in the same woods in a cabin with just an eerie feeling..then it flipped back to the apocalyptic forest, I was watching people get squished by the 8-ball comets, people burning alive, screaming etc. Then i looked up at the sky and one was flying towards me..I awoke before it hit me..

    The second one was this morning... It was my and my ex, we were like in africa, or some 3 world country in a tiny shack. We could hardly go outside without being shot at, and it just had a really tense, weird feeling. All of the sudden we were on a coast somewhere. It was me, some co-workers, and my older sister...it was like some kind of party or something. We were swimming in the open sea with sea monsters...they didn't seem to bother us much though. We witnessed like 5 cruise ships go by, all empty. (f you ever seen the move "the Triangle" it was exactly like those ships) We were just floating when all of the sudden the water began to like drain from the bottom of the ocean, like a bathtub. The water level was dropping like a 2 feet per minute and we were all freaking out, I began to try to fly (in some other dreams of mine, I could fly using water somehow) At the bottom of the sea there were some kind of toxic animal/material everyone was trying to avoid...(It was also sunny and pouring rain while the water was draining) then I guess I flew to my parents house, because all of the sudden I was there, I walked in, The TV was was "snowing" and my Dad on his recliner, watching it, dazed. I just jumped in his lap, embraced him, and started bawling because I was so scared the world was ending, I then felt like a complete inner feeling I have only felt once before, (which I am not allowed to say on this, because it involves a drug starting with L... but if you know what I am talking about please tell me because it's crazy to feel/explain) My mom walked in with a blank face, just knowing we were all going to be dead in a mere few hours...

    I do not know what these dreams mean, maybe they mean nothing. But they really stick with me and somewhat bothers/creeps me out sometimes. I have kind of a reoccurring one about the first one a time or 2. Idk..
    Any other cool/crazy dreams baldes wanna sharee??:)
  2. Whole lotta fuckin in my dreams.

    Definately not real.
  3. I'm not sure our dreams are real but what is real is that we experience them. I'm not much of one for interpreting dreams but I feel it can be good to consider how the dream makes you feel, and how you feel when you remember the dream and how it made you feel. I wouldn't try to interpret it too much, though.
  4. I never had more dreams than when I stopped smoking for an extended period of time

    Every single night I'd have a crazy dream and I'd remember them in the morning long enough to jot down a couple of sentences and phrases summing it up. I hope I still have that sheet of paper somewhere. I wrote down like ten very vivid dreams.
  5. I've had like 3 this past week about a girl I "dated" in middleschool. lol
  6. yeah...it seems like when i dont smoke I have crazy dreams...
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