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    Tell me your most fucked up dream you have ever had or just the most recent you remember mine would be from this morning.

    The USA government had gone under, there was no more rules to go by everything you wanted to do was legal. As soon as Davitt and I heard this on the tv and radio people started boarding up thier homes. We went to the store to see if they had supplies. It was a scary journey because we didn't know what was outside of our town. On the road people breaking into homes, stores, murdering on the streets. Hardly anyone was driving safely. There was police officers drinking out of whisky bottles cars had drivers drinking any driving everywhere. A car pulled up to us and gave Davitt a beer he just looked at me like wtf. We make it to the store, Davitt calls his family worried about them, they answer the phone like nothing has happened, Wisconsin has become a safe heaven, he told his family to take caution anyway and buy as much food and water other supplies if the world as we know it is over. Joy is really worried about us and wants us all to come to her, it will probably happen.... here there's chaos everywhere, we run in and grab water and canned food and a bunch of different medicines. I call my mother because she said it was a death wish to go and get supplies. It was for many but we made it out safely. We went home and locked the doors behind us, mom and Wayne had all the doors and windows boarded up. We hide the stuff we have in the basement. We all went down there to watch the tv and see what was going on... a chemical warfare in California where everyone is falling over dead in the streets. Terrorist are attacking us... with hope that our nation will never be again. Mom and I are crying we r terrified, Wayne has his gun and ammo and is yelling saying this is all that it's all obamas fault. He has destroyed our country. He has done this on purpose. I believe Wayne is correct. Davitt is finding different things around the house that we can use as weapons... he remains quite but I know he is afraid also. We stay sitting in the basement with our dogs and cat. I can't believe all this is happening, none of us want to live in what use to be America anymore... we don't know what the future holds but it is a scary place. A country with no government and no rules everyone is taking advantage of a terrible thing. We r safe for now... I hope. Wayne says, if anyone comes in I will kill them where they stand and Davitt shakes his head in confidence and stays that we need a plan we need another place to go, somewhere not as crowded and more secure, Wayne agrees but we cant do it yet. Afraid that the chemical bomb drop has made it to us we have wait a while to move. The basement has become crowded fast. We still go upstairs for a watch on what is going on and for other things that we need. I look outside and see homes burning dead bodies everywhere. Guts on the streets. Sidewalks drenched in blood. Seeing this made me sick and I cried. Davitt said he called his mom and she has done what he said but she went to her parents house and did it because it's bigger and away from people, Davitt was proud of his mother for listening to him and protecting his brother's family, his sisters and there families. He couldn't get hold of his dad and worry set in his heart. I insured him that we would find out where he is and at that very moment Dave called and said that he is in the Tennessee mountains and that he was safe. Happy his father is safe I shake my head yes and give him a kiss. The people that survived and thought it was safe to go outside where wrong... I watched from the hole in the wood over the windows as their skin melted off the muscle and the screaming... it was to hard to watch. We walk back into the basement with some food supplies from upstairs. When we walk down the stairs my mom and step dad are dead, I look at my boyfriend davitt and he started to scream I went to him crying and hoped he was ok but I started screaming along the way such pain as our flesh melted off the bone.

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    I used to have crazy and in-depth dreams, but now I can't remember them unless I just woke up
    On another note though: cool dream, would read in book form
  3. Your profile picture makes me question rather or not Nicholas cage is truly a cat.

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    thanks! it was crazy and in depth I probably could.

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    I do it sometimes, I did today cause it was so real

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  5. I had this dream when I was in middle school and let me tell you, it about scared the literal piss out of me. I was sitting in bed on a laptop and my room looked exactly like my room in real life, which was weird because my dreams are normally weird. So I was sitting there reading an article about this girl who was albino and had a disorder where she bled out her tear ducts, and she had bled to death from it. Then I looked up and she was standing. At the edge of my bed crying. She had white skin, pink eyes, and choppy really messed up short white hair. I freaked out and woke up and she was still standing there. I screamed and closed my eyes and then woke up for real. It was scary as shit.

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  6. I think a fucked up dream I can remember was when I was like in kindergarden.. I remember the only way I could wake up from nightmares was to open my eyes in the dream..
    But once I figured this out every time I would have a dream I would have my eyes sealed shut in my dreams.. Shit was crazy lol
  7. I dare all of y'all to slap a nicotine patch on and go to sleep. Lol
  8. I had this wild dream where I lived in a possessed demon house and I broke both my hands trying to fight this chick.. I woke up and thought all of it actually happened in reality..🙌

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    Just a piece of information....know what you want to do before you fall asleep?
    Repeat to yourself in your head "I WILL remember my dreams, I WILL remember my dreams.."
    It's best to do this right as you're falling asleep
  10. I can't remember any of my dreams when I smoke. I went on a tolerance break for a while and started having intense, memorable dreams. I read online that usually happens.

    A lot of times my dreams are just random and not make a lot of sense. Sometimes they'll just be a concept or idea and I'll kind of get stuck in a loop and trip out real hard about the idea over and over the whole night while waking up and falling back asleep. It's hard to explain and I wonder if it happens to anyone else.

    My girlfriend has the craziest dreams about zombie apocalypses and having super powers. And she can always remember them super clearly and is able to tell me everything that happens. I'm jealous of her lol.

    I've had a few lucid dreams before. I had one a few weeks ago actually. I was walking around this outdoor farmer's market kind of thing and I just said out loud "this is a dream!" I was able to control some things, but the dream also kind of stuck to the same theme and stuff that was already going on. Then I woke up.
  11. o wow that's scary as hell!!!!

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  12. being able to control your dreams is awesome. Another trick to control your dreams is to try to find your hands inside your dream. I know it's weird but everytime I look down in a dream and see my hands I can always manipulate my dream.

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  13. i've been astral projecting for the last few months. Which is basically like flying around but everything feels completely real. i was flying in space last night with stars blinking and shooting by. anyway, some of your descriptions sound like sleep paralysis. check it out, its scary shit but thankfully never happened to me. my scariest dream ever was a few weeks ago. 
    i was in a concert setting, chilling with my friends and felt completely conscious and in real life. I was staring at was seemed like a over-sized teddy bear glowing in amazing colors but dancing and moving like a real person. i was in awe, when all the sudden i realized what i was looking at and wondered what the fuck how is this happening? then in my head i was like "i've been in the conscious realm before" and immediately thought i was tripping on unmentionables. in my mind i tried to remember whether i had taken anything but knew i didn't. A dark thought crossed my mind and i immediately stared questioning reality(not knowing i was in a dream). My ears started loudly vibrating inside and i felt a very bad trip coming.
    I turned to my friends and their faces were a swirling blur and i couldn't even make out or remember who they were or who i was originally with. It seemed like a dark grey and blue blanket started coming down like a curtain and the vibrating got more intense. again, it felt like a absolutely terrible trip and i looked to the exit and the "curtain" had gone all the way to the floor. I thankfully woke up right after. it doesn't sound that scary, but the feeling in my mind was terrifying. i never sleep with the tv on in my room, but ever since that dream i've been too afraid not to have it on. its hard to explain in words and everything felt so real which is why it was so scary. 
  14. dude your dream does sound fucked up and scary as shit! I would have freaked out for sure lol. At first it kinda sounded like you had exploding mind syndrome, with the buzzing in your ears. I have it to a slight degree to wear I hear things when I'm trying to fall asleep or when I'm sleeping. Its always a banging noise like pots and pans, my dog barking, someone knocking on my door or saying my name. Its caused by an over active mind. Just thinking all the time, it comes and goes but sometimes causes insomnia which sucks sucks camel dicks. But you didn't wake up after hearing the buzzing sound so I don't think you have it. But its pretty awesome to dream about flying, if I fly in a dream it's always like I'm hovering. I can move but I never can get high up. Sounds like your seems are pretty crazy wouldn't mind having one of them myself (the swirled faces you can keep) lol. But yea I've had the sleep paralysis before (a lot actually) I've had a demon sitting on my chest and I was trying to get up and 50 or more was crawling on my walls and my floor staring at me and heads turned backwards, it felt real and I thought I was awake. My mind was but my body wasn't I guess and I still had the dream chemicals running through me ha. But when it usually happens it's always someone tickling me or pulling my hair. Sometimes I really think something is around me just fucking with me. I swear I'm not crazy but sometimes I feel like I am. Lol but hey we r all kinda crazy I suppose! Thanks for sharing:)

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  15. A skinwalker climbing in the window and I'm paralyzed in my bed.  I had this recurring dream for months.  One night I woke up drenched in sweat and I felt something on my chest trembling.  I nearly freaked out until I realized it was my hand and I was shaking with fear.  
  16. I once had a dream where I contemplated, rationalised and chose to end my life. I jumped off a huge cliff and woke at the impact. Can't say I've been the same since that.
  17. o shit, that's freaky!!!!

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  18. wow that's crazy dude, it could have been symbolic to what was goin on in your life then and an old part of you dying. Hints why you have changed since then. I really hope you don't have those kinds of thoughts in your waking life. :(

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  19. Yea it hasn't been great since then to be honest. I think it's because I was thinking about it, and I thought the dream was real as I have pretty lucid ones at times. So I know it sounds terrible but I've already killed myself once in terms of intent. Was a kinda what the fuck moment when I woke up. I honestly feel a bit like I'm stuck in an alternate timeline now.

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