dreams more real than we think...

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  1. we have the 5 sences, then the mind to percieve/filter/cognize our sences/thoughs/feelings, then we have the soul that is 'god'. our soul is the hardest part to get to because we have to get past the sences then the brain.

    now in our waking state we deal with the 5 sences, the brain, the soul and all the goodies that come along with that. but in our sleeping state we only have to deal with the brain and the soul. so in dreams we are actually closer to 'god' because we dont have to decypher the 5 sences.

    so does it make sence that the dream state is a higher level of consciousness than the waking state?
  2. That's a deep question. It makes me wonder... what did Jesus or Buddha dream about? The clearer your mind is when awake, the less your thoughts and emotions swirl around within you. In dreams, this cyclone in our mind is especially evident (think of how crazy and disjointed the events in your dreams are)... so what is a dream like for an enlightened soul?

    Why is it that in our waking life, we have a clear distinction between reality and our dreams, but yet no matter what we do, we STILL feel that our dreams are real while we're having them.

    We interact with the world outside us only by the intermediary of our brain-minds. They are what categorizes and gives meaning to our sense impressions. Yet obviously our consciousness is something deeper than our sense impressions alone because they can be cut off when we sleep and our mind can start recylcing itself without communicating with the outside world at all, and yet the light of our consciousness remains on. But what if you silenced the stream of thoughts and emotions you experience when dreaming? Are they the deepest level our consciousness can exist on? Without them, do we no longer exist? Or behind them, is there an even deeper level? Wooooah!

    I guess what I'm getting at is... that I'm just repeating Maitereya's same exact question.

    I don't know buddy, but great topic!:smoke:
  3. VERY interesting concept. I have gone through certain things that i have felt like i have done them before even though i had never been to the place(maybe in a dream i visited it and just cannot remember) I think that there is a good possibility that our dreams have a LOT of meaning to our daily lives, but the average person cannot conenct enough with dreams to interpret their meanings. I am interested to see where this topic goes

    btw, GREAT TO SEE YOU TWO BACK :hello:
  4. Well there are people who are enlightened enough and have enough awareness and lucidity to recall and interpret their dreams. I read many books on the subject a while ago. I had also begun working with my dreams. You can teach yourself to lucid dream through intent. There are many techniques available...where you go from there is up to you.
  5. I see i want to know what Sigmund Froyd or Andy Warhal dreamt. Deep crazy stuff:smoking:
  6. Well, your question is logical, i think you're right...Dreams are what your mind makes up, or what "God" wants you to see...i never really remember my dreams, either because i go to bed stoned, or just because i can't remember shit haha...i get vivid flashes of things that make me wonder if i've done it in my life, or if i dreamt it..than it makes me think hard about it and then i get lost in my thoughts lol..

  7. i think therefore i am.

    if that statement is true, the our dreams, which are our own, is also the present or real.

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