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Dreams and shit.

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Mr.Juggalo, May 26, 2009.

  1. Okay. I just woke up tears ballin out my eyes that whole shindig. Any of yall know anything about dreams?? I had a dream that some dude walked up on my moms and shot her in the face while she was at work and her ghost was with me. But everytime I would try and go find a way to go find the dude and do some sadistic things she would get mad and shit. But if that shit happened wouldnt you wanna go get revenge?? Any idea what this means or is it just a bad dream. Im askin cause I usually have the same dreams over and over and when a new dream happens it usually happens for real. And to be quite honest im scared as shit cause of it. Im like shaking and shit.
  2. wow crazy. idk
  3. usually dreams relate to things that occur recently in your life. do you have any idea what this could be tied to? are there any unresolved issues in your life?
  4. if nothing else, i'd make sure there are no hangups in the relationship with your mother. maybe talk to her or something. it's interesting that your mother would keep you from carrying out an act of revenge. perhaps the dream is trying to teach you something? i learned at a concert the other night that if someone is going to randomly murder someone, then it's going to happen and it doesn't really matter. it sounds like your mother would want you to understand and not ruin your own life by taking care of the scumbag.
  5. No no nooooooooooooo.

    Dreams interpret subliminal messages.

    'Revenge only causes more bloodshed'

    Be nice to your mommy.

  6. Iunno. My mom is the only person that I trust 100% I have the best relationship with her. She knows everything about me cause I tell her. We constantly talk. It just really bothered me.
  7. I had a dream that my gf broke up with me and that day she did.
    However I also had a dream I got a lethal injection and died so it might just mean nothing other than your mind having a good time making you feel emotions.
  8. The mind works in weird ways.
    There have been plenty of times for me, where my dreams come true the next day or within a week
    A theory is that dreams try to organize all your thoughts by putting them into a story so try and think of maybe something(s) you were thinking about during the day that could have led to that.
  9. I don't believe there is any meaning to dreams. When one of those dreams happens where you dream something and then it happens, that is only due to chance. You have so many dreams over a lifetime, statistically a few of the realistic ones will come true.

    Dreams can be really, really scary though. I had one dream where I was in my grandmother's house, and then I went in to the kitchen, and standing outside the door was this man with a skull for a face, and he pointed a gun at me, and it was terrifying. It felt like someone was actually pointing a gun at me, and believe me, that is incredibly scary.

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