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Dreams about the green...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BUDietheelf, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Hey has anyone ever dreamed about the herb?
    Was it scary, funny, confusing or just strange?

    Last night I had a dream about some bud and the only thing I really remember about it is that I bought a bag and the buds for sooo dense and thick and I'm pretty sure it might of been a wet dream... :p just kidding haha.
    Another dream I had about a week ago was I was at my dealers house and I was buying some green and the buds were like pure orange haha. It was strange.

    Share your dreams!
  2. I usually dont dream of bud. But when I do its when I dont have any. Then I wake up with false hopes. Then Im sad.
  3. I have a re-occurring dream that I start out walking through a corn field then it just turns into a large weed field. In my dream I keep walking through the field then come out on the other side covered in sparkly-beautiful crystals and I'm glowing slightly.
  4. @High IQ
    I've been out since last week and these dreams seems to be caused by that too >_<

    @Lil Sis
    That sounds like a wonderful dream... Haha. mmmm
  5. when i was forced to take a t break, i used to have dreams where i was high as hell. and id wake up freaking out cause i couldnt smoke lol. they were cool though. nice lil highs when couldnt smoke:hippie:
  6. haa i had a dream that my brother and i found 4 tall ass plants and we picked them but we diddint have anything to put them in so we had to use my hat and the nugs were the size of my fist :eek: needless to say this woke me up and i then initiated the smoking :smoke:
  7. I had a weird dream once.. but I cant forget it, I was in a shed and it was all wet and gloomy outside and I was trying to smoke out of this crappy homemade gatorade bong. But my mother gave me like a VERY small amount, and it wasnt wet, but it wouldnt light. It was pissing me off xD Then I somehow appeared in a crab cage underwater, but that is a different part of the dream that doesnt involve weed.
  8. I know of a solution to fix that :hello:

    I don't dream of bud but I sometimes dream of smokin just because that is what I do fairly often.
  9. i had a dream i went to pick some stuff up, it was the dankiest sh!t ive ever seen and then suddenly the dude started freaking out and bolted droppin all the bud and the cash. best dream ive had so far :D

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