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  1. ... I'm a woman, in a committed relationship, living with my wonderful boyfriend.

    BUT, last night and occasionally on other nights, I have dreams of being with other guys. Nothing really sexual, but like hand holding and kissing and cuddling and a deep crush feeling. This feels soooo good in the dream and it actually carries over into REAL LIFE. When I wake up after the dream, I still have this yearning feeling of being with this "dream man." I know it will go away soon, it always does..

    But has anyone else experienced this? Does it make you feel guilty? Why would I be having these dreams?

  2. We all actually have dreams like this from time to time. It's a norm for the braid to use Xes or friends from the past. It should pass.
  3. in my personal experience....

    i was in a committed relationship, we were in love, and we lived together. when i started having dreams of cheating on him that was the beginning of the end. we broke up a couple months later.

    i think i was having those dreams because of how serious the relationship was and i started having the thoughts of "what if this is it? what if this is the person i am going to be with for the rest of my life?" and that started to freak me out. i felt too young to already be tied down to someone
  4. so i guess the question is..

    how is your relationship going? i know you guys are committed and live together, but is it getting kind of old? are you started to think that it has run its course?

    and why do you think you are having these dreams?
  5. subconsciously you want what you can't have

    it's normal
  6. Everyday I find a new piece to the crazy-puzzle that is, the female.
  7. Some girl told me she had a dream we were dating and stared at me all day. I was amazed that a stupid dream could actually influence someone's life but hey, whatever. Did not act on it whatsoever. Her boyfriend would fuck my day up.
  8. I've had similar dreams.

    It doesn't make me feel guilty, no. But... I don't know how to describe the feeling.

    Sort of like, asking myself, 'what could have been if...?' kind of things.

    In the dreams, I can feel... a lot of emotions. And even after I wake up, I can still feel it like... some kind of a hangover. But I don't like to think about it too much because... it just gets me depressed.
  9. I don't put much thought into my sex dreams anymore.

    I had a sex dream about my own mother once. It freaked me out, but I think my mind was telling me I needed to be closer to her or that I needed to recognize the bond.

    Idk, but sometimes I'm having sex with people who don't "feel like" my boyfriend. I never dream of faces, just the way they make me feel... that's how I know who's in my dreams.
  10. i honestly think the whole idea of cheating is stupid. Pretty much i dont agree how society has born and raised to think having secks with somebody else than your significant other is "bad" or shamed upon. I personally think their shouldnt be any rules, just good communication in a relationship

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