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Dreaming when you don't fall asleep high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OGgarfield, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I've noticed I get really vivid dream's when I take a tolerance break or stop smoking for a while. I really enjoy them so its motivating me to take more t breaks which is probably a good thing. I've dreamt some crazy shit I'd even compare to a trip...

    Does anyone else get this? :smoking:
  2. Yes I love them since I don't dream ever when I'm high.
  3. Yeh it's incredible, one of the reasons I like taking a break. Sometimes I find that a have nightmares for the first few days, they're so fucking intense that I actually enjoy it.
  4. i notice this too. i would like to know the science behind this...
  5. Yeah, I have weird dreams when I'm sober. They aren't much vivider then when I'm stoned; but when I'm stoned I dream very rarely; when I do, they're almost always about smoking weed. I read somewhere that you actually remember what happens in every dream; you just forget it when you wake up. I suppose since being high makes you forget stuff, it would be logical that waking up high would have that effect on your dreams.
  6. I notice this too. It also seems to happen when I haven't been high for a while. Then when I do get high, I have vivid dreams that night.
  7. Well I was reading something about how being high messes up with the first and the fourth steps of sleeping, the REM state and the dream state.
  8. Oh yes. I have extremely vivid and weird dreams as soon as I take a T break.
  9. THC affects your sleep cycles. You dream during your deepest sleep, known as Rapid-Eye Movement (REM) sleep. This is the stage of sleep you're most relaxed, your body most proficiently heals, and when it produces your most memorable dreams. When you're high, it takes longer to get to this stage; if you don't sleep 8 hours, there's a chance you won't get to REM sleep. You probably won't notice a difference at first, but keep it up a few days and you'll start to feel that cliche stoner lethargy.

    To avoid this, try to smoke at least an hour or two before bed. If you use weed to fall asleep, cut back on how much you're smoking.

  10. Is it possible to enter 'REM' if you smoke then sleep straight 8 hours? I never dream? :eek:
  11. yea one of the down sides to smoking frequently, i love my dreams.
  12. I'm on day 6 of a t-break tomorrow and I can say yes I'm dreaming again!

    I NEVER remember my dreams and I've been smoking straight for two years, so cutting the weed must be the difference. I can tell you a dream from the last 4 nights so far and I'm looking forward to another tonight, hopefully.

    Last night I dreamt I tried doing stand-up comedy which was sick.
  13. Well I've been dreaming for a few weeks and I've been vaping. I haven't noticed a change of dreaming when high or sober. It's all the same. But I do get more fucked up dreams when I vape before I go to bed :laughing:
  14. I find that whether I'm smoking or on a t-break doesn't noticeably affect my dreams, I can remember dreams and even become lucid regardless of the state I go to sleep in.

    That said, a lot of people do say it affects them, I guess everyone is just different :bongin:
  15. I've been smoking for quite a while and I juuuust recently experienced this for the first time. Instead of smoking everyday like I usually do, I skipped about 2 or 3 days this week and everytime I didn't smoke before bed I had veery vivid and memorable nightmares/: which makes me worried because I just ran out of grass yesterday so tonight will be another night without it. I really hope I dream about something nice this time.
  16. Yes most people i know experience more vivid dreams when sleeping sober compared to baked. It really a common thing among all stoners i know.
  17. I've been significantly cutting back since I got home for break, like a bowl a daykinda cutting back. I've been having some wicked vivid dreams like every night and I always remember them. They are never crazy but they do seem very real. Like when I woke up yesterday morning I had a dream I got all D's this semester, thought it was real and woke up in such an awful panic.
  18. I actually like not dreaming. Ive had horrid nightmares all of my life. So much so id rather not sleep than dream at all. So when i have to take a break from smoking i hate it. I like not dreaming, or at least not remembering the dreams.
  19. Yup, another crazy dream again last night. I kind of enjoy analyzing them but I'm really stumped as to wtf they mean haha. I'm gonna write it out for my own benefit but maybe you'll enjoy it.

    Last night's involved me being chased by the police or some organization (already had a dream similar to this a few nights ago). Somehow one of my cousins was framed for an incident that happened at large local school nearby, apparently because she took part in some sort of peace rally years before. For some reason I knew that it was actually me at fault for her crime even though I don't know exactly what it was.

    (There are more scenes that took place inside the school but I don't quite get how they fit the story and they involve other people from my life too)

    The dream took place place over several "days" (all in the same sleep) and I knew the investigation was closing in on me, yet I was relieved the authorities were focusing on her rather than me because I knew my guilt. They were getting close to discovering me so there was a long while we're I was running at full tilt through town trying to evade something.

    The second part doesn't make much sense. There was this girl from work who we've only just ever been fuck buddies in real life, but she was hanging out with Drake in a building in town. I don't think he was famous. I knew the cops were coming so I snuck in the back door, warned her to leave cause they were going to show up soon but she didn't. I went back outside and when the police did arrive it turned out to be another friend from work, a chick, wearing some badass aviator glasses. She had agents with her too. Instead of going after me she just said "what's up" then proceeded to kick in the door and go after the other girl and Drake.

    Cut to another part of the dream- I was flying around in an ironman type suit but it looked like Darth Vader.

    A lot of the scenes are places in town that I can pin point but have no meaning to me IRL. Boy do I miss dreaming like this haha. My roomie will be returning from Ottawa today, hopefully with a few O's. Thats why I've been breaking the last 6 days.
  20. my dreams are much more intense when i get ripped to bed, i dont know why, when i started it wasnt like that, but hey, no complains :D

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