dreaming in third person?

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  1. 80% of the timme when i have a dream i am in 3rd person. not 3rd person as in i am me watching myself or someone else watching myself. i am simply seeing and controlling myself from a diffrent vewipoint. like a camera or a video game.
    like in movies the veiwpoint will switch quiet often. sometimes it will be stationary, and move around depending on where i go, sometimes it will follow me from behind or the side or event he front. sometimes it switches to first person occasionally, and sometimes it does all of the above. i am still in control of my body just like i would be if i was dreaming in 1st, i am just seeing myself in 3rd :)

    i have talked to other people about this and apparently it is pretty wierd and uncommon. does anyone else experience this?
  2. Yeah that happens to me, but I am in control of my first person and third person self... Its hard to explain.
  3. Me too. I sometimes wonder if this says something about my personality or the way I view the world.
  4. Yeah same here, I hardly ever dream in 1st person, nearly always in 3rd but I still feel like myself in my dreams. It's weird lol
  5. My friend told me that he dreamt that he was watching himself masturbate. This is the same guy who got turned on by his mum. lol
  6. I usually dont remember my dreams, but i recently stopped smoking for a week and i dreamed alot, but yeah i know what you mean its weird when you wake up and you think to yourself what happened and try to interpret them
  7. i think if you can control your dreams thats called lucid dreaming, which is pretty rare. i wish i could dream in the 3rd person :(
  8. ^ ya what he said i remember my psych professor talking about this. i've had em before too its pretty cool.
  9. The majority of my dreams are like this, except I'm not in control of anything. Kinda like watchin a movie except really feelin all the emotions.

    I've noticed lately too that most of my dreams are in black n white.

    So it's really like watchin a really old movie. Or clerks.

    Waking life is a pretty good about dreaming and lucid dreaming and stuff.

    Y'all ever have dreams about cannabis?
  10. yes i know all about lucid dreaming :)
    there are different levels of lucid dreaming too.

    my typical dreams i guess you would call lucid dreaming. i can control them and do what i want in my dream, but i am usually only thinking about dreamy things. i am lucid enough to realize i am dreaming and realize i can control it but not usually lucid enough to think about stuff other than i am dreaming. if that makes sense.

    i have occasionaly had lucid dreams where i am dreaming and able to be completely lucid where i realize i am dreaming and can think clearly and use my dreams how i want. for example i once did it and used it to think of a new idea for a painting by walking into a room and thinking ok when i turn left there will be a new painting on the wall and it will be beautiful. i did and it was :D

    unfortunately that level of lucidity is very difficult to achieve
  11. Everything you just said makes me wanna go take a nap right now.

    But for me, I don't see myself ever realizing I'm in a dream. Just blows my mind.

    I heard there were things you could do prior to sleeping to help you get in a lucid state.
  12. yeah there are things you can do that will help.
    the biggest most helpful number 1 thing you can do to help though is convincing yourself you will lucid dream just before you fall asleep. that is how i did it the first time.

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