dream showed me the future

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  1. im going to apologize for the brick of text underneath in advance but I promise if you hear me out you'll be tripped out. it started out with my friend wanting to cop a g from me for $15. he wanted me to roll up the bud in a joint but I told him I had no papers. he was tryna smoke at this trail and asked me to borrow my pipe instead of a joint. I was like ight but I need it back today. so I went to the park and a couple hours go by. I call up this nigga and ask him if he can come through real quick cuz I had to dip. he was like yea give me 30 mins. around 50 mins go by and this nigga finally picks up the phone and he says that the car wasnt starting and it would take him a while. I had to dip so I told him to drop my piece off on the right side of my house cuz I had to dip somewhere. so when I get home late he texts me saying he left the piece on the the bottom of the a/c unit on the right side of my house. I looked for it 3 times and couldnt find it. I went to sleep high af thinking this nigga robbed me and I was dumb af. whenever I sleep high I NEVER dream. I dreamt that I went out my window and went to check the a/c unit and I found my piece. I found myself in the garage and I felt like the garage made a lot of noise. I saw my mom come into the garage. I thought I got caught. I stood really still inside the garage and suprisingly she couldn't see me. I woke up at 7 by my dad for morning prayer. I wanted to check to see if my piece was really there. I was gonna sneak out of the garage but I was really scared because I saw a snake in the garage (warning?) the day before. I also remember my mom walking in on me in the garage in the dream. so I decided to go through my window which I really didn't want to do. I checked the a/c unit and I found my pipe. I went back into the house through the window and went in the bathroom to clean my piece and when I got out I saw my mom in the kitchen next to the garage door. She got up early to cook my dad breakfast for work. if I went through the garage my mom would've caught me. I also felt that my dream was an astral experience since my mom couldn't see me in the dream and how accurate it was. In the dream it felt like 7 o clock and then I woke up at 7. I felt like something forced me to have this experiance since my friend's car wouldn't start (never happened before) so he couldn't give me the piece. I also had another psychic experiance the day after.
  2. throw a carriage return in there man 
  3. you had an epiphany while you were stoned off your ass. congratulations! haha. :p
  4. If you tell the federal government, they will use you as a weapon.
  5. Dude you're the next prophet.  Where's my purple kool aid?
  6. Nah it was all true. I told my sister and she tripped out too. There were too many factors involved for it to be a coincidence. Im a heavy smoker so I know I didn't trip and imagine it.
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    True dat.
    Happened to me, now i'm stuck in this shitty year. 2048 was so much better. Did you know humans also exist in another solar system? Shit is crazy. They'v progressed at the same rate as us.

    Edit: sometimes I feel like you all think i'm joking. I wish I could prove it. I feel so alone.
  8. John C Lilly.

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