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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by bUdMoNkEy, Apr 25, 2004.

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  1. ...just wondered if anyone else has experienced the following...

    ...i\'ve been tokin\' most days for the last 10 years but 2 weeks ago decided to \'take a break\'...each morning since then, on waking, I remember dreams i\'ve had during the night/early morning...and it\'s made me realise that whilst smokin, i \'hardly ever\' remembered my dreams (i must have dreamt tho??)...my gf - who also smoked most days with me/friends, but for not as many years - also gave up \'for moral support\' at the same time and she now remembers her dreams most mornings too!!!...wierd huh...
  2. i dont remember nothin...

    ...about anything


  3. ya i think smoking cannabis makes it so you cant remember your dreams ..or maybe it allows you to dream whislt awake ..example) when you sober you see soemthing crazy, you say im a dreaming? when you stoned see something crazy you may say wow i must be stoned. hehe :D naa ...it always takes me a few days to be able to have my dreams.
  4. yeah pot stops people from dreaming, thats a fact. whenever i take a break from smoking, I get extremely vivid dreams and remember them clearly the next day.

  5. me too
  6. it\'s been proven definitely that pot affects short term memory loss, and most of the time without pot.. you won\'t remember most dreams that you have in a single night, unless you are specifically awakened during the dream, and sometimes only if you awaken and force yourself to recall your most recent thought. i highly doubt marijuana would STOP the rem function in your braining from creating dream images, but merely hinder your ability to recall them all the way in the next morning, slightly more than already being hindered. whew.

  7. Fact? Ummm, no. Not fact, nifty hypothosis though.
  8. I was on vacation for a week, and got back last saturday...except for maybe the first night, I remembered each of my dreams from the following night.. But then when I came home, I smoked, and from that night on I can\'t really say that I remember any of my dreams.. :smoke:
  9. At least we know that it goes back to normal after a small break, lol, I had strangely vivid dreams a couple weeks ago and couldn\'t figure out why, now I realize that I was out of herb around that time
  10. i got REALLY vivid dreams bout a week after stoping.

    But after a whiel they become the norm

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