Dream of Entering Complex Energy Field

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    I believe it was a pill or something I took. It opened up this whole other reality for me. In initial stages of the experience, my way of understanding it was that there were sort of holes in things that I could jump into, and from there there was an infinitely complex maze of intertwined passageways that flew together seamlessly. It was as if there existed within everything an incredible complexity, that would make it seem to be a whole world. If only we could go deep enough. It was as if the scales were turned down, and so I was able to traverse an infinite seeming field of intercrossed energy that could potentially take up very little normal physical space, yet based on the amount of motion and complexity seemed to be a whole world. If only we could go deep enough, this was what was there, it seemed.

    It felt like a communion. Communion with another. There was an intense energy flowing through me while I was doing this, guiding me in a way that was perfect and yet so chaotic and fast-paced that it was beyond any sense of individual doing at all. I had almost no sense of a body while this was happening. Perhaps some sense of physicality persisted, but it was being pulled in so many directions so quickly that any sense of a physical body was fairly arbitrary. At the end of my dream, I remember being probably the most immersed in this experience. I was flowing in this energy so clearly. I had merged with another, I viewed her as female. It was as if I had entered into her completely, and she had entered into me completely. I was pouring through everything that she was, every complexity, and she was with me. Suddenly there was no normal external reality. Everything just disappeared. She said “As you can see, everything is just an energy field, flowing together in harmony.” I said, “So is this what is really here? Is this what really exists” She said, “Every energy field is of a certain basic quality, or essence. That essence remains to characterize the experience, but images and all other specifics are determined by you.”
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