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    Ok, so last night I had an incredibly vivid dream, one of the only dreams ive been able to remember in awhile. I think this dream showed me the true meanign of kindness and happiness and we to obtain it in the world, please let me know your thoughts on this! I posted this in the Spituality section earlier, but I think it may do better in here.
    Had a very vivid dream last night....
        I was walking around in Chicago( I'm reading a book about a Graduate student performing sociological research in the Chicago area) and I found myself on the outer limits of a "Good" neighborhood. There was a very large street in front of me, perhaps 3 or 4 lanes wide in either direction. The sky was dark, stained with a red that reminded me of blood, giving off an illuminating glow on the surrounding landscape. Across the street<span>, I saw two massive apartment complexes, I figured they must have been the project buildings one heard about in the ghettos of America. This was when I realized I was in an area I should not be. The police only came down to this area AFTER all the gunshots had settled, and only to retrieve your cold lifeless corpse. Anyways, I had to cross this street and this area as I had a package to deliver (It's a dream OK?), as I stepped down from the concrete, gunshots erupted from the buildings on either side. Accompanying the gunshots were screams and shouts. I stared in horror and awe watching this madness. I could see figures popping out of windows volleying shots back and forth; every now and then the fighting would stop for a brief moment, only to resume within seconds.</span>
    <span>     I thought to myself "How am I ever going to make it across?" No sooner had my thought ended when a little boy came from seemingly nowhere skating on a pair of figure skates. I asked him "What are you doing here?"  I watched him as he did lazy circles and figure 8's on this street I was trying to cross. He replied to me "I'm happy", I was stunned at this. "Where are you from?" I asked, he pointed vaguely in the direction of where I came from "I live over there, with my ma, my pops and my 2 sisters"
    "Son, don't you know there is an all out war going on in these streets? Do you not see the shells and dead bodies that litter the streets?"
    "It happens all the time, theres nothing I can do about it, So I just skate"
    "You just skate around while all this happens around you?"
    "How has nothing happened to you?"
    "Well, I just skate and mind my own business, I figure them adults are too worried about fighting and killing each other that they wont worry about some dumb little kid skating around minding his own business"
    I thought about this for a moment, pondering how this could even be possible, finally the kid noticed my dumb blank look on my face.
    "Do you want to borrow my skates?" he said, already unlacing them.
    "No, I possibly couldn't!" I replied, knowing that this pair of skates could have very well be the item he owned.
    "You need them, I see that package you have. Don't you need to cross this street and deliver it?"</span>
    "I do but, I don't even know where or who this package is for"
    "So your standing here with a package trying to figure out how to best not get yourself killed and you don't even know who its for?"
    "Well yes..." I trailed off. Why was I standing here with this package? I had no obligation to deliver it. But yet inside I felt as if I did, like everything would be a waste if I didn't. I still didn't see how these skates would help me cross the street.
    <span>Do you want to know how I got my these skates in the first place?"
    I nodded, a little perplexed.
    "Well one day see, my sister got really really sick, and my mom and dad couldn't afford her medication. The fought a lot so I didn't like being at home. I was out wandering when I came to this very corner. I sat on this corner thinking of how life sucks, how there would be no food for me when I got home, how my sister was going to die, thinking of all the people I have known that have died. All of a sudden a shadowy figure came over to me. whoever it was they were huge! Atleast this this much taller than you" he said indicating the immense height with his entire armspan.</span>
    <span>   The boy continued "He dropped this pair of skates by me and walked away without a word. I was thinking there was no way I would be able to fit into these, so I ran after him, but he turned a corner and was gone. I sat back down and examined the skates, they were in decent shape, some small scuff marks here or a small tear there, but in useable condition. I reached in to pull out the tongue and there was a note it read "Be happy". I figured it was worth a shot.I put on the pair of skates and started skating. They actually fit me. It was fantastic, I soon forgot about all my worries and all my troubles. Pretty soon I found myself lost and was in an area I did not find familiar. I turned a corner and found myself staring down the barrel of a gun, on the other end was a large decrepit looking man. "Son you best leave before you lose more than the bowel movement that just escaped your ass". I turned heel and skated as fast as I could, tears streaming down my face and the ungodly stench of my last meal perforating through my pants. I eventually found myself back at home. My mother asked me where I had been "Out trying to help Jasmine" I said (His little sister I suppose). I told her that I had met The Creator and  was given a pair of skates. I told her all about the note and everything that happened. She told me I was dumb for thinking The Creator  would come down to help a lowly degenerate family like ours, especially in a time as hars as ours. So I became angry at The Creator, thinking he was teasing me, giving me what I thought I needed and taking it away from me.I thought the skates were just a way to make me escape my reality. This was how I felt, until I met you."
    "Until You met me?" I asked, o</span><span>stunned at this little boys experience.
    "Yes, you see. I thought The Creator</span><span> wanted to make me happy for everything me and my family was put through, I thought this was going to be the answer to my prayers, I thought I would get the medicine my little sister needs somehow. I thought The Creator would give just this to me, but instead all he gave me were these stupid skates, or so I thought."
    "I still don't understand" I said, a little confused at all of this
    "You have a package to deliver, and I have the skates I was going to throw out at the exact corner The Creator gave them to me. But you need these skates to deliver your package"
    I was amazed by all of this, I was shocked and could barely say a word. Still unsure of whether or not I wanted to deliver this package. I did not understand how these skates were going to help me cross the street. Truth be told I barely understood any of this.
    "So whos the present for?" The boy asked me.
    Immediately tears started pouring down my face as the answer was immediately known to me, even though I had barely given the box a second thought. Tears began falling down my face as I slowly flipped over the box and the only writing on it said "To: Jasmine"</span>.
    And I woke up.

  2. That's something else. Really interesting read.

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  3. I edited the original post to make it easier to read.
  4. Op you should read up on lucid dreaming :gone:
  5. @[member="HSO Bandages"]
    I have looked into it. I am also relatively experienced with hallucinogens. Lucid dreaming has been difficult for me to achieve. I need further practice in it.
  6. I have been analyzing this dream for a while now and I believe that it may be possible that the boy represented me (possible innocence or innocence lost?) or atleast represented a past version of myself. I have not come to a conclusion whether or not the person whos body i was in during the dream was me or not, I experienced the dream as the older person but I seemed to know a lot about the boys background and where he came from? Just another possible idea...
  7. Trippy shit
  8. This is a fate filled explanation but to what, I haven't a clue.  I've had premonitions through dreams, felt chaos before it manifested itself into reality, and feel like I'm a conduit.
  9. Theres this thing i heard about stilton cheese and if you eat that in large ammounts before bed you get crazy hallucigenic lucid dreams.. look into it on erowid or somewhere.

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