dream kinda came true?

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  1. sup grasscity, today was weird

    last night i had a lengthy dream that went all over the place.

    first part i can remember is i am sitting in my dorm room engaged with whatever i was doing on the computer. i turn my head towards the door and there is a dude stealing money from my wallet. i look at him and he intimidates me with his words although he never threatened me with a weapon. so i just sit there and then he leaves with my money.

    i realize that he did not threaten me so i run out to see if i can still see him. the end of my hallway changes from someone's door to an entrance to a big crowded open area, like a cafeteria but with the same look and feel as my dorm.

    i see him and i yell out something like "stop motherfucker" and he doenst stop. some RA/security type figure tells me to watch my mouth but i then i say he's a theif! who saw him? and someone points down another hallway on the other side of the floor. as i try to find him the scene changes from my residence hall to a casino similar to the turning stone, which i visited over winter break. then for a while i run around trying to find him.

    then it goes into something else unrelated </dream>

    anyway, i just had this gut feeling throughout the day that i had that dream because someone actually walked in while i was sleeping. no money was gone, although that was just a visual thing and my dream wouldhave only been affected by audio.

    then later i stepped out to get a sandwich, around half an hour passed. when i got back there was silly string around my side of the room above my bed. nothing was aroudn my roommates side, and my room was the only one.

    i keep my door unlocked, but only a few people know this for sure. this person obviously targeted me specifically. its so weird... they had to have seen me walking or eating the sandwich in the courtyard, then they got silly string, went into my room knowing it would be open, and just sprayed it and did not touch my computer, guitar, books, ipod, calculator, at all.

    what's weirder is that so far this semester i have basically been an anti social loner, mostly because i can't smoke right now, and im also taking 20 credits. my roommate and all his friends are out of town for the weekend so it could not have been them, although they love to fuck with me cause i'm gullible. most of the poeple i knew from last semester live in a different building so i would have seen them enter the courtyard.

    and i am certainly not the person who seems like hewould be into pranks. so whoever did this would have been accepting the possibility that i would freak out and track him down. in fact my RA offered to call security but i declined cause im not upset, just confused

    anyway, somehow i think the dream is related to this. it was one of the few dreams that i remembered a fair amount of at the end of the day. so i attribute some value to it.

    thanks for reading
  2. hmmm...my dreams tell me to tell you to smoke upon some pot my man.
    oh & stop thinking so much, you are psyching youself out.
  3. If one stops thinking so much, they deny theirself of the fact that there is inevitably more to everything than what can be interpreted.

    Regardless of it interfering with everyday life.
  4. sweet, nap time

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