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Discussion in 'General' started by Flummytang, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Hey,

    I've been reading information on the "Dream herb" (Calea_Zacatechichi). I'm just curious with peoples experiences with this. Only $10 for a couple ounces, I figure it's worth a try, and erowid has some good trip reports, but I'm curious to how well it works for you guys. Would you guys recommend this? I've read some past threads on it, but no one really has told if it worked on them. I'm really into lucid dreaming, and I've only had a few in my life, I figure it's worth a try. And if anything, more vivid dreams would be nice. What are your opinions on this herb? Thanks,

  2. well i orderd an oz of some site, not sure which one it was now.
    supposedly, there are 2 species of calea z, one has the dream inducing effects one does not. and i think i might have gotten the inert species. heres why:

    i tried the stuff, mainly smoking it. smoked 2 j's, went to sleep, no noticeable effects. i tried to make tea once, only got about half of it down (tastes like ASS) then smoked a j, again no effects.
    after a lot of trials and no results, i decided to fill up an entire philly blunt with calea. i emptied out the tobacco from the philly, leaving the shell intact, and just stuffed that shit with broken up calea. smoked the whole thing, again no effects. tried this method a couple times, and nothing really. during the time i was experimenting with calea, i did have some lucid dreams, but im not sure if they were directly caused by the calea, cuz they were very rare and inconsistent.
    maybe i just got some really weak shit and i needed to smoke even MORE of it. still, if i ever get the chance i would want to try calea again.

    anyways i think u might want to look into getting the calea extracts. that way u'd have to take a lot less of it. start with small doses. and report to us how it went cuz im real curious to know.
  3. what is lucid dreaming?never heard of it

  4. Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing your dreaming. This consciousness allows you to guide your dreams. Check here for more information:

  5. well i don't know about that dream herb stuff but i tried some wild opium lettuce that was meant to make you dream, i smoked alot of it one night, had wierdish dreams but i'm sure if that was directly because of the lettuce, who knows?
    I also ate alot of it, no effects.

    Maybe some have effects from these herbal highs, but i dunno about them.
  6. I got some as a sample once from another order. Now, normally I don't remember any of my dreams when I smoke pot. So, one night I got nice and stoned and decided to give the dream herb a try.

    I noticed the dreams I had were more vivid and clear. I didn't have lucid dreams, but that night my dreams seemed different than normal.

  7. I've never dealt with them personally, but I've heard good things and seen a few of their ads.

    Whether or not it works is up to you. Get over hopeful, or over skeptical and you won't notice a damn thing. Your body's chemistry also comes into play.

  8. That's exactly the same with me one night, i had been out drinking and smoking, i smoked some opium lettuce and i had dreams when usually when i smoke pot i can't remember dreams at all

  9. I'll have to give this stuff a shot, see if it's any good. I'll get back with the results when I'm able to order an ounce or two of it!

  10. The supplier Ive gone to for my calea has been www.kavakauai.com They also have great salvia and half decent kava.

    Bouncingbearbotanicals is a reliable source also, usually they have better deals (I think they give you a free gram of something [salvia?] with every order over $30.) but I feel they could use some work with the quality of some of their product.
    (But they have a nice range of products also)

    Traditionally, the calea would be used in three ways simultaneousely. The user would smoke a rolled joint of it, drink its bitter tea (and its DAMN bitter) and then sleep with a stash of it under their head/pillow. Ive come to the conclusion that the most effective way for the calea to affect your dreams is based on smoking/drinking simultaneously on an empty stomach right before bed...

    First off, I dont know if i believe the theories of two different caleas, its a possibility but the evidenc is minimal. I do however think its usually just a matter of the quality. I think too many growers get the seeds/clones and just assume its going to be super good once its grown in a few months... But similar to qualities of pot, calea can have shwaggy unpotent varieties, and then it can also have "the dank shit".

    For the most part calea didn't give me really lucid dreams but more along the lines of vivid dreams. usually once every few days I can wake up in the morning, and for the most part remember what i had dreamt about, maybe one or two scenes that may not have even made sense, but for some reason you know thats what you 'saw'. With calea, its possible to wake up in the morning and be able to remember several more of these scenes. Theyre usually vivid enough that you remember small details that would have never been found through the haze of a normal dream. It is possible to lucidly dream, but i think it would take some practice before you could master it, so to speak.

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