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  1. Lotto's up to 25 million and ive been fantasizing about what kind of grow room I would build with some of my winnings?! What would your dream set up be? Im thinking secret hide away wall with build in lights a/c exhaust self water system and solar panels on the roof to keep the electricity bill down. Whats your design?

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    I would get all the kewl stuff and of course everything in my hydroponic catalogs but this is the top thing I would do; find some people that know their shit! Blindfolding them to the location so not to be known! They would need to know electrical really good, to hook me up to the grid without anyone detected it!! And having the other guy's knowing construction to build & design my grow place!! ....... IDK HAHA
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    I have a plan to build my home with latest technology automatic door lock system and A/C system and I will convert the home on alternative energy source Solar panel and will make a home theater and swimming pool for daily bath.
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