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  1. I have an obsession with Vikings and Norse Mythology, so i have always wanted a viking themed bong, but they don't exist. So, imagine this:


    but made into a bong. Yes, it would be impossible to set down without a stand but still, that would be fucking badass.

    Anyone else have any neat idea's like that?
  2. kill a bull/ buffalo or whatever. cut off its horn, hollow out: profit :p
  3. That would be pretty sick, but being realistic, im sure you could have like a slide made in the shape of that or something, atleast a chillum.
  4. that would be awesome. kinda reminds me of the bong of destiny from tenacious d lol.

    btw dude could you suggest me some good mythology movies? I have been looking around. :smoke:
  5. Talk to a good blower man, they could totally whip you something up.

  6. Yeah, in terms of Norse Mythology, there aren't many to begin with, try Beowulf or Valhalla, and although it is Marvel, there is a new Thor movie coming out. Also, the 13th Warrior is a movie about vikings, but has nothing to do with their mythology.
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    YES it is possible I have on that was made for me one of a kind you need no stand its balanced to perfection and is for sale for the right price..... esco5050@yahoo.com

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    Hahahah no shit! OP must be pumped
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    For sale man, for sale haha
  10. I'd say hit up Elks That Run for a bigass antler themed bong if you're prepared to drop serious cash.
    Check out their facebook and you'll see what I'm talking about with antler themed stuff.
  11. Off topic but OP, do you like Amon Amarth?

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