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  1. so i've been going back and forth on this for a couple of months, and i dont know if i should get dreads or not. I've done the research, know that i won't have to shave my head if i don't like it and blah blah

    what do you guys thinks? also, not to be completely vain here, but my hair is kinda pretty as it is. i think it's really hot when a chick has dreads, but apparently most people do not.

  2. No clue, cause I don't know what you look like... It could look great or horrible.
  3. girls with dreads= turn on

    go for it
  4. girls look good with dreads, i think....go for it...
  5. It depends on whether your going to end up looking like a dirty homeless hippy or a hot pot head chick. If you get them make sure you do them the clean way. The natural dont comb/dont wash style/let them make themselves style can get pretty haggard an unattractive especially for a lady. Smelly girl=not good. It takes a lot of time to keep them nice. I grew mine out because I got tired of putting in the time necessary not to look like a crazy homeless person. I dont know where you live but Ive found that the best time to start them is after swimming in the ocean and letting your hair dry out. It gives the hair a weird sort of texture that makes it a litle easier.
  6. Personally, I think dreads on chicks are gross.
  7. i think it looks fugly on girls

    guess it's just for some people and not others

    i wouldnt do it if i were you \t:confused_2:
  8. I don't think dreads look good on anyone, but especially not girls
  9. if they're done well and are all clean and don't smell like ass, then dreads on a chick are by far the hottest thing a girl can do :hello:
  10. I'll be completely honest with you: Don't fucking do it. It's a stupid thing to do and dreads are never attractive looking. Ever. It will hurt you trying to get a job, you'll lose respect from elders. It just aint worth it, ESPECIALLY if your hair looks goodnow, AND EVEN MORE ESPECIALLY if your a girl.

    Just don't do it.
  11. I've seen girls that looked good with dreads, I've seen girls that looked trashy and foolish in dreads..... it all depends on the person

    But if they would make you happy or you think you'll look good with them, go for it :smoke:

  12. hahahaha,

    dreads are suposed to resemble a main of a lion, and to rebel and against straight hair of the white man..........

    and In this day and age, dreds are fine!

    SO, if the dreds aline with your beliefs then go for it.
  13. I'm guessing you just put that rasta on your name cuz it looks cool not because you actually have anything to do with rastafarii??
  14. I would get dreads if I wasn't afraid of how it might negatively affect people's perception of me. I don't know where you live, but I live in the heart of the south and almost everyone here is conservative and uptight. In order to get a good job with good pay you've gotta kiss ass and look pretty clean cut. Anything out of the ordinary is basically seen as irresponsible and not capable. I wish it weren't like that, but unfortunately its a very superficial world and people tend to make assumptions. Basically where I live, unless you want to work in food service, manual labor, or as an independent artist you can't have dreads. There are exceptions, but either way its just gonna make it harder when you step out into the real world.

    Now IF I was going to dread my hair, I would definitely do it the right way. Use a metal comb to backcomb your hair and make it as tight as possible. Use beeswax sparingly and make sure there's not loose strands of hair all over the place. There's also a lot involved in making the ends of your dreads rounded as opposed to straight. Loose, greasy, and unkempt dreads look bad... like someone said before, you don't want to look like a homeless person.
  15. Well you won't know if you like it until you try, I've dyed my hair all kinds of fucked up colors, cut it all different lengths, and my hair was beautiful before I ever started messing with it. Two years since I stopped fucking with it and it's back to beautiful again, but if you want to dread your hair go for it.

    And honestly, as a girl to a girl, don't not get them because you've heard guys don't like girls with dreads. Who cares, if someone likes you for you, they won't care if you have long silky hair, or if you're bald.

    If you want any kind of decent job though, I don't recommend it, around my area you won't be hired for dressing a certain way, let alone having multiple piercings, dyed hair or dreads.
  16. I say go for it I want to but its like the one thing my gf will NOT let me do lol
  17. Just do it, if you do a good job it should look good, unless your like really fat or something... lol but then you wouldnt hafto worry about not looking good :p
  18. It all depends on the girl its like how some girls look good with short hair and others dont but u have to try it to find out so i say go for it. Its not like everyones doing it either so you would be original some what.
  19. I wouldn't even look at a girl with dreads lol, but that's just me. I'm not an asshole i'm just telling you the truth.

  20. CRUSHED.

    Personally, i wouldn't do it. But as others said, if its what YOU want to do, go for it!

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