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Dreads anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lacy leplant, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey blades hows it going this evening?
    I have decided that i want dreads. I'm not going to use the neglect technique.
    My hair is very curly and if i were to straighten it out it would be about 3-4 inches. Ideally id like quick dreads but i know that wont happen. I have looked into this and i found a few methods. What did you guys use? What products, what kits, how long it took, did it itch like hell, did it hurt? How do you even start to make them? Do you just dive right in with your dread comb, clips, and rubber bands? Should i let my hair grow more or is it fine now? What about washing it in this process, should i do one wash then leave it be or what?
    Tell me how you did yours blades.
    Oh and how would i go about preventing dandruff in this process? I already have a lot on my scalp seeing how it is dry out. Would head and shoulders work or some kind of medicated shampoo or would that leave to much residue?
  2. Whoa whoa whoa.... I'm glad you posted this before doing anything.

    First and foremost do NOT buy any kits or anything of that nature. They are a scam and the only reason they exist is for profit.

    You've already said no to neglect (although this would be the healthiest choice) so your only options would be backcombing or twist and rip. Look it up on YouTube.. you're going to need a friend to do it for you for at least a few hours.

    You should NEVER crochet your dreads. This is horrible for your hair and can do more damage than good. When you choose a method you like the most, you're going to have to realize the dreads most likely won't stay in. After some time they will fall apart, but this is normal. Its also possible that they will clump together to form bigger dreads.. this is your choice whether to let them do their thing or rip them apart before they get the chance to merge. Also, don't use any rubber bands because they WILL get eaten by your dreads over time and you won't be able to get them out.

    As for soap, forget about most commercial shampoos. Here are your choices:

    -Dr. Bronners All natural hemp soap (you can find this at your local health food store)
    - baking soda and apple cider vinegar
    - bar soap that has leaves no residue
    - Lush hair products (I've heard great things)

    You can start by washing every other day, and then washing less and less until you get to a place you like. You will most definitely get dandruff for the few few months, I recommend you get yourself a nice beanie to wear during this time that your hair is adjusting.

    I don't think I missed anything... if you have anymore questions ask away!

    Also, this site helped me out alot:
  3. cant salons do dreads for you? also i hope youre black, dreads dont work on white people
  4. Double is white. He looks kick ass. Honestly i dont know what i am. Im a tan mother fucker.
  5. Never go to a salon. They use wax(causes mold) sprays that are bad for your dreads and shampoo that will leave residue in your hair.
    I'm black. I don't have much dread starting advice for anyone who's not:p
    I just started with simple twists and went from there. No ripping.
  6. Exactly. Stay away from wax...

    I would school the fuck out of you on how that whole "dreads aren't for white people" is ignorant as can be, but I am on my phone and I'd much rather go to sleep. If you know how to use Google you know how to abolish your ignorance on this matter.

    Good day to you sir :smoke:
  7. Alright i think im going to go with the back combing technique.. Would my hair be long enough to do this or should i wait a month or so?
  8. It's amazing that its considered "wrong" to wear my hair the way it grows out of my head :confused:

    I think you should wait a bit. It would be loads easier.
  9. Honestly i dont know what i am. Im a tan mother fucker.[​IMG]

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