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  1. So, I have decided what to do when my bangs get to shoulder length. Dreadlocks!

    I was just curious how the city thought about dreadlocks, and how many members have them, and how long they took to put in?
  2. I don't have them, but I am a freak about hair... if you plan to do dreadlocks, please promise me you'll keep your hair in good conditioned. One of my friends, she had the most perfect hair, and then she did dreads, which she later had redone back to the straight style, and completely fucked up the quality of her hair.

    But on the right person, I love dreads, I'd do them, but I'm not the right person. My other friend, though he doesn't take great care of his hair quality, if he did, the dreads would make him look great. But please, please, promise me you'll take care of your hair quality :)
  3. I certainly will. I cant stand when people wont take care of their dreads and eventually they turn out like shit. Use the dread wax! Dear god it was made for a reason!
  4. yea ive had locks for a while now and the only advice i can give u is saaave alot of ur money (300-400) and get it done at a "dread perm" otherwise walk into a salon which does them with chemicals and such with normal hair and walk out with the most perfect dreads u could have. it takes too long the natural or wax way expecially for us whities:D
  5. Admittedly I am not that big of a fan of white guys with dreads, it looks kinds of weird unless they have the right face for it. I am not sure what ethnicity you are, Durchii, but it all depends on your facial structure; I've seen Mexicans doing it who look like they have birdshit dripping from their head. I've seen black guys who look like someone electrified them. And some white guys just end up looking nasty. I have to admit, never saw an Asian or a Native American with one; wonder how they look...Anyways! I think it does depend on your build, so show us a pic! (Muahahaha)
  6. yeah, do it. just make sure you don't look homeless or you know, smell bad.
  7. It's unfortunate that most people don't understand the significance of dreads.
  8. i've been growing out my hair to get dreads for a while now. i think i'll be able to put them in in the next month or two. i'll try and get a pic of em when i get em
  9. I love them, I had them a couple of times. I guess they came to me naryrally.lol I never had a problem with them until I caught head lice from canjet. Yay airlines! My hubby Brian had a problem the first time he let them dread, the whole lower back of his head was on dread. He had to cut and start over and you can have someone else do it for you(seperating them}. I will have them again someday besides it's only hair. My hair is like weeds, fast growth.

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  10. Does anyone know what the best length would be to start dreads? lol, im white and i want Rob Zombie dreads..:D

  11. care to explane?
  12. yea also the shorter the hair is when u start ur dreads is the cleaner and more natty and nice theyll be (around 3/4 inchs will work just fine) so u should start lookin for places.:p
  13. [​IMG]

    This is about how long my hair is now.
  14. IF YOU ARE WHITE DONT DO DREADS!! IT LOOKS pretty bad i think. IF YOU ARE BLACK go for it buddy

    save your self some humiliation if you are white and dont get dreads

    :smoking: :bongin:
    sry for my little rant
    im toasted
  15. Lol, what's that supposed to mean? Look at Rob Zombie haha.
  16. Dreads are pretty sweet, my hair is about 5 inches long right now and im shaving it all except for a nice mohawk. I'll take pictures when I do it and of the finished product when its done.
    I hope to eventually get it a foot tall.

  17. yea ur hair is deffinatly long enough, like i said if u want the actual dreadlocks get em done at a salon with a dread perm ull regreat anything else...
  18. awhile my just grow and shit i dont brush my hair at all and my hairs like naturally curly i guess

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