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  1. Anyone here have dreadlocks? I really want some, think i'll try to convince my dad not to disown me if i get some this summer. Im a caucasion female by the way.
    If anyone here has dreadlocks, or doesnt, Id appreciate any feedback you have on them. If you do, you should tell me how/ when you got them, and post pictures if you want.
  2. Research them first there's a lot of work involved with dreads. I'm gathering a few friends now to help put them in soon, so I'll be sure to let the community know how it goes. :smoking:

  3. honestly coming from a white boy who's been there and done that...


    there's gonna be a LOT of loose hair. like frizzy hairs that arent part of the dread, and are very difficult to work into the dread.... it just gets really hot and sweaty in the summer especially..

    and i know you can keep them clean, and there are shampoos and waxes that will help, but its TRUE that you shouldnt wash them for a month or two after you dread um....

    oh, and bees wax is shit... go with some knottyboy waz :hello:
  4. Not being racist or sexist
    but i dont like dreads on white people or women.
    But dont let my opinion effect ur decision, the way to get that i know of is to get twists or plat ur hair. Then in about a month twist the new growth. I dont no if its the same for white people. But the longer and straighter ur hair, the longer its gonna take to dread
    And Bees Wax is the shit
  5. Depending on some guys it looks cool but you really have to sort of have the personality to go with it in order to pull them off. On girls I think it makes them look a lot more unappealing/dirty in my honest opinion.
  6. I once entertained the idea of getting dreads, but for me it came down to a cleanliness issue. I can't stand having my hair dirty (and it is very long).

    I used to work at a college dining hall and it was definately a "green" college so there were lots of people in tye dye and dreads and barefoot, ect. It was very obvious to me (and this happened a LOT) when I saw someone with dreads, wearing north face gear and and driving a volvo that they are POSERS! They think it is cool to have dreads. To me, I just laughed at them, because I know real hippies, and they are not anything like those college dread kids.

    Just my own experience, not meaning for you to get or not get dreads lol. It just makes me laugh every time I see someone like that because it seems like they are going out of their way to say something.
  7. dreads arent dirty: Thats just a stereotype. Well at least not hippie dreads...
  8. haha maybe not the hippies you know
  9. I've really been wanting some for awhile, I dont think my hairs long enough though. :(
  10. OOPS I meant except maybe hippies :eek: , i dont know any
    as far as i know, everybody elses dreads are clean:)
  11. [​IMG]

    heres a white dude with dreads
  12. dreadlocks are sexy as fuck
    this is jason castro, and he is one sexy bitch :D
  13. i hope to have dreads in a year or so, and also what color is your hair, because a white girl with light dreads looks better then black dreads, in my opinion anyways
  14. I have hair like this...


    Would that kind of hair style look good with dreads? I have dirty blonde/brown hair.

    Also, thats not me in the picture.
  15. Yeap you should tell me how it goes!
  16. ha yea ive got like dark brown hair, but i think if i get dreads ima bleach it light brown before
  17. I have dreads. its pure awesome.

    lol I love this picture
  18. ha nice! how long have you had em? I see some loose ends, is that unavoidable?
  19. I've had em for about a year and half

    yea, they're not perfect but it doesn't matter to me :smoking::cool:
    if you want your dreads to be perfect, I suggest going and getting them professionally done.

    expensive but worth it.
  20. uh a girl i know has them, she had them, but she is doing them again. Looks real cool, cause shes got this scene cut on one side, and shes gonna get dreads on the side. So its like half dreads and half like....uh...hair

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