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  1. Was contemplating how awesome the idea of dreading hair sounds, so I've decided to grow out my hair and start getting that Rasta 'do. So, I was wondering if any of ya'll know any websites I can check out to start the process. And for those who already have the 'do, how hard is it to maintain?

  2. Are you black?
  3. I didn't know being African affected my chances of getting a new 'do. Please don't even start.
  4. When I had dreads I went to dreadlockssite.com to find my answers. It helped me out a lot! Also, stay away from knotty boy (not sure if it still exists) and other wax methods. The wax gets stuck in the dread and it just nasty. Hope this helps
  5. Calm down. I asked cuz I'm black and have dreads so I coulda told you about my process
  6. Good looks man, I'll check the website out! :)
    And my bad homie! I thought you meant offense by it. No, I'm not black.
  7. I saw a white chick with dreads in my school. She was trying to go for the hippie look.Honestly it didn't look good on her, and keeping those loose dreads made it look like shes never been acquainted with a showerhead.It may work out for you though, just keep em rolled tight.~1996 Jiggawattz~
  8. Yea, the process to dread non-black hair (straight or wavy) is a long one since it takes a longer time to lock.
  9. its terrible for your hair. its best to not dread your hair or you risk damaging your roots and follicles. it may even make you lose the thickness of your hair
  10. Dreading hair is a long and patient process that requires full commitment. The quality of your hair no longer matters after you fuck up the cuticle to create the dreads and it just requires a different kind of care than if you leave it smooth. This is just my opinion based on being a hair dresser. If you want smooth hair you condition and lay the cuticle smooth whereas with dreaded hair you want the exact opposite. You just have to fully commit to either side.
  11. Beeswax. Beeswax all the way

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