DrChronic quality slipping?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by jimmyoz, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Edit;

    Nevermind, its Nirvana's fault; talked to a couple people who purchased Nirvana Indoor Mix recently and we all have been having trouble with the seeds.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. The doc does not have seeds they just sell them its most likely the brand of seeds your buying I never heard any problems with Nirvana seeds.
  3. He doesnt have his own seeds, but he could have older seeds in his stock. I'm just seeing if anyone else if having problems.
  4. i grow almost exclusively nirvana i've never had problem with the germ rate the lowest i ever got was 70% and thats with just putting the seeds right in dirt but at the same time that i got lower germ rates i reused the soil
    i heard from an ausi grower that dr ain't above giveing the police his order list if pressured but that was for a ausi grower after i heard this i decided to never evan take that chance why use the retail salers when you can get straight from the source i know there are some seedbanks out there don't ship to us but nirvana say's they shipworld wide and garuntee delivery so why go through a middle man yes its a little cheeper but who's to say you got what you paid for is the same as you ordered
  5. i didnt order from the doc, but gypsy rather... up till now ive always had great experiences with the nirvana brand but this time i recieve, indoor mix and PPP. out of 10 ppp i have 4 that germinated and sprouted (only 3 alive tho, losing that 4th was my own fault!) and i germinated 2 indoor mix seeds and well 1 cracked but hasnt sprouted yet and its been a week

  6. Yeah, indoor mix! I wonder if it was a bad group of seeds? I have been trying my hardest to get these buggers to germinate / sprout. Only one has sprouted, and the thing hasnt grown much in the past four days (its still 1/2 inch tall)

    I gave up on my last two seeds. They have been germinating for about five days now. I knew I should have ordered bubblicious instead.
  7. sometimes gypsy keeps around pretty old seeds...

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