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  1. I like to draw while I'm high. Here's one from a series I call "Vagaries of War".

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  2. funky

    i cannot draw to save my life. But if it was a life and death situation I would sure as hell try :D
  3. Wow that's really good. I like to doodle when I get stoned to but just like the last guy to reply I can't draw to save my life.

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  4. dude the bottom area looks like spermasoids lol great drawing tho COPYWRIGHT lol hahahaha keep it up thou man cause thats the problem after a while people but the sketchbook in the drawer n it never comes back out.......

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  5. That is a hella sick picture
  6. yo dont the left hand side on the bottomish, look like loafs of bread? like i said before its a phat drawing (slang for nice,unique) lol

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t

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  7. I love drawing while stoned, or just drawing.

    sadly I don't have a scanner or digital camera so I can't share any of it with you.

    great drawing man! although the drawings I do are decent they're all cartoon characters or some kind of fanart. I wish I could make something original that's that good :)
  8. dig it

    fertilizing the loaves!
  9. haha yeah...i like drawing when im stoned. but the thing is starting out the drawing, i never know what to draw. but really i cant draw for shit...unless damn it i really try.

    here's some of my shit..you might find it funny...


    umm oh yeah, if you clicked the link...sorry if it lags
  10. i thought the first one sucked....

    but they deff got funnyer as they went

    and the last two realy made me laff!
  11. Ya I love drawing stoney, heres the only one ive got on the computer. [​IMG]

    It's nothin special, definitely not my best as I put no time into it but whatever

  12. Go track down a comic book called "arsenic lullabye"... they ran like two years, did a trade-paperback, and are starting over again... hard to find, a lot of places would look at you like you're a child molester but GET it funniest shit ever... maybe it can be ordered or read on the web, who the fuck knows.

    your drawings just reminded me of it :)

    crimson king
  13. YOOOO...lol ey the drawing isnt the best but the message makes up for it all thats one fat drawing in general!!!

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  14. Drawing is great, I've drawed since the age of 4, and draw all the time but the thing about drawing while stoned, I don't know I always stuck in a small are and fill it with everything comes to mind and it seems to my eyes like it's the best thing there is, but then I take a look at my Meisterwerk afterwards and it's quite pathetic. I mean how can you spend 3 hours on an are wich is about 4 x 5 cm?
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    Lol I drew these when I was high a little while ago with my friends. What we like to play is one person says ANYTHING that pops into their head from a category..such as animals or whatever, and then the next person chooses ANYTHING from another topic, such as objects. After everyone goes you draw whatever sentence you just made.

    The one with the cow is "blue shades hanging on cows." There are shades hanging from the cow and if you look closely it has a sad face in it, hence "blue."

    The one with the eyeballs is "evil eyeballs rolling through xmas (don't ask)." So what it actually is, is two creatures that look like eyeballs holding hands in front of a xmas tree haha. They have little white eyes in the pupils of the big eye and like hat things on that make an evil face. The rug of the xmas tree is the mouth of the evil face. The two weird creatures are "the evil eyeballs," like that's their name, and they are rollin through xmas. The only way you know they are evil is the whole picture being that evil face. Hahaha lol sorry if that was confusing but it's so funny to describe it cuz i was crackin up drawing this!

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  16. Wow I read every post until when I read the last one I saw it say 2002.. why you postin in this old shit man
  17. I couldn't find anything newer lol.
  18. I like drawing when im stoned too, but i cant draw anything real. just like trippy pshychadelic stuff. I had to do this project for art class, where everyday for a week youd get the whole class to work on whatever you want. I went baked off my ass everyday and just painted random designs on a sheet of poster paper. By the end it looked pretty sick i wish i had a camera so i could put it up.
  19. [​IMG]

    I did most of this one stoned as hell.. took a couple sessions to finish it, but it's one of my faves in my newly acquired style. Gave it to my best friend for his birthday.

    I'm really diggin the work people are posting. I need to start sketchin more.

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