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Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Yo i give all credit to Shamrock0820 for makin the post but it didnt get enough people to join in an help and i think just not enough people understood? eh w/e ..

    ok the whole forum needs to head to www.drawball.com .. get the loading screen up .. it waill read something hit DISSAGREE!!! (read it to find out if u care enough.. heh)

    k after it loads the image and u got your magnafier zoom into the most southern point to 100% zoom by clicking .. or click this link .. http://www.drawball.com/ndg48b

    this is going to be our teritory? after you click the link .. left click on the G or somewhere on the page and it will bring up this weird puzzle

    to SOLVE THE PUZZLE highlight the bottem right corner.. go to the middle .. then to top right .. then top middle....top left .. back to top right .. down to bottem right.. to middle.. to top left.. to the bottem left..

    This will activate the feather where u can draw.. make one strike dont use much ink tinyest dot ever.. this will allow u to accumalate more ink over days .. close out of webpage and return here on the 20th of june.. by then most of us will have upword of 100% ink and we can start to draw a GC logo of some sort big enough to see from zero % ..

    any questions? kinda tired so lemme kno if i explained right..
  2. thats actually a sweet idea
  3. So this is drawball thread, the OFFICIAL? r sumthin?

  4. idk nothin was expalined in first one and i oculd see people gettin impatient w/ not understanding waht to do so instead of posting it on page 5 of last one i decided to make it fresh up here so everyoen can see
  5. ...Ok i did my 1 dot haha
  6. people drawin over that shit really piss me off
  7. Awsome i have 100%
  8. nice job on the puzzle answers that shit got me everytime, i think we all are gona draw on june 20th, remeber thats what we planned. everyone save thier ink till then
  9. how can we work together? does it show everybody else drawing live?>
  10. what should we draw?
    Grass City.com would be nice.. but its very long.. and i think a big GC w/ a white backround n a big gc .. then later add like part of a pot leaf behind the big gc letters but only visibaul from like.. around the letters nothin goes overlap the GC .. make sence? (stoned..)
  11. This thing is awesome. I couldn't resist, I had to write "Jews Rule" but I still have like 14% left, I apologize. How will we all draw it, is it live? How about we make one humongus marijuana leaf?
  12. How about we do a giant weed leaf and in the middle put GC in white?
  13. bump.. get as much ink as u can guys

    way to go over my boredjim8..
  14. almost june 20th i probablly got 100%
  15. nobody forget about this
  16. Start your engines boys

    It's gettin on that time...

    Can I get a confirmation of what we're gonna be drawing?
  17. So we gettin on this piece boys?
  18. this is awesome

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