drawball!! territorial paint game worldwide. (ink is limited, lets work together!!!)

Discussion in 'General' started by Shamrock0820, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]

    thats it the little green circle haha we can see it from 0% zoom though keep it up guys!
  2. Im still saving up got mine to 21%
  3. That was so cool, I go to our spot and next to it I see a big "GRA" so i zoom in and someone was writing it at the moment, i saw strokes appearing, so I go in and write lebowski, and it turns out it was JEHST, so we started a sorta small grasscity sign:
  4. ok were makin some progress here ^_^ i'm trying to draw the "I" and they fkn hacked it or something cause it just autoblacks there lol.

  5. If its near artwork they might have protected it.
  6. out of ink :( someone must complete it - TONIGHT!
  7. Im gonna work on it now
  8. Ill do some work on the Y when I get home from work if it still needs done.

    Bleh somone wrote fuck on the T, I greened over it though.

    Got it done before had to leave for work woho!
  9. keep this goin i got another seven 10% ish! ;D
  10. keep making the circle bigger guys then we can decide what to put in the middle
  11. Rather than put something in the middle....why don't why just start by making a good 2 inch tall block as a stem and start making our way up and just turn the whole circle into one giant weed leaf?
  12. Lol its funny how some people love to waste their time and just scribble over other peoples work, or just write "fuck, jew, ******..." fkin dumbasses.
  13. Guys i think we need to make the letters bigger somehow you really cant see it from 0%.
  14. we need to start making a territory ours. just make a huge giant bloob of green then we can put a weed leaf in the middle
  15. I gotta let my ink go up first, we need to figure out a way to make the letters bigger so it can be seen at 0%
  16. that will be hard, i say just make the green circle and fill it in with GC or a weed leaf
  17. somebody is fucking drawing on it
  18. i covered it up..i noticed it you do it slow and go right over there lines you dont waste as much ink i got a ton out of 2% the end of the letters i just ran on line through his
  19. I'm in

    How do i draw? i get this queer shape.
  20. heh, its the puzzle you cant cross over your lines, i fuckin hated it at first but then i got used to it

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