drawball!! territorial paint game worldwide. (ink is limited, lets work together!!!)

Discussion in 'General' started by Shamrock0820, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. You can do alot with that. Does the link work?
  2. Yea the linked worked
  3. Yea i have 50% too.
  4. Hey I'm in too, Im letting my ink accumulate right now.

  5. I wrote a thx, (had to do it all in 1 stroke cuz i only had 1% ink :p )
  6. i got 50 someone needs to outline somthing
  7. its a neat concept...would think it would bring a group closer together.
  8. Well, we need to decide whos gonna outline it. Once the outlines done we can put a shitload of ink on it, so it will be really hard to draw over
  9. k i say lebowski outlines it, he seems to be the artistic type i got like 70% ink

  10. Ive been using my daily 12% up so im gonna have to wait till sat probably to even get 3 letters done.
  11. I'm in . . . :smoke:
  12. im in! im on a lan right now gonna go on all the computers so i can do this! gonna have like 1412354 % iink ;)
  13. save that shit up haha i have almost 100
  14. I'm in. Started saving up. Just let me know what and where to draw
  15. im totally in
  16. how the fuck do you do the puzzle? damn its pissing me off
  17. k i used 80% on filling green around it everyone do so. then we will put our names n shit in it but everyone color that shit around the same green

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