drawball!! territorial paint game worldwide. (ink is limited, lets work together!!!)

Discussion in 'General' started by Shamrock0820, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. www.drawball.com

    k guys go to that site and check it out. then wait a week or so untill you get 100% ink.

    now we gotta make a GC symbol or somthing thats visable from 0% zoom. or maybe a weed leaf or somthing. If everyone works together on the same spot we can make a territoty ours. All the pbn people know about this already everyone. So everyone save up your ink and post an idea of what we should make!!

    EDIT: you have to solve that puzzle before you can draw but don't waste any ink yet.
  2. the hell....all its doing is letting me hit agree and then counting down to the agree screen again
  3. You have to click disagree lol
  4. im down, how are we gonna know where its started though?
  5. im with that too that would b cool
  6. Im down. Haha, if you look at the bottom left corner of the first "B" in BMXBOARD" there is a sweet mushroom pic.
  7. well we just first have to get everyone to sign in and click DISAGREE lol and then do thepuzzle. come back a week later or till we have 100% ink and we have to dominate an area. what should we draw..GC or a weedleaf? or somethin else?
  8. someone whos good at paint art should make an outline, then we can all fill it in, thus saving ink.
  9. yes exactly thats what i was thinkin, you get 15% ink per 24 hours so save till you have 100%
  10. Did someone sign the tit of an anime chick? I see someone wrote gc... but it could jsut as well be initials.
  11. lol damn my high ass kept doin the same thing forever without reading. oops.
  12. We could have a big leaf that you can see from 0%, and then when you zoom in on it it could say grasscity.com
  13. i dont get it.
  14. So we gotta decide on a place to start, or to put our shit so we can see each other. I propose we start at the very center of the very bottom, and make a big GC above that.
  15. OK LISTEN UP!!!!

    Go to the very southernmost point of the orb, theres a big red square with a chinese letter, above it is a big SOS, I put grasscity, my sn, and started a pattern in the O of the SOS. Draw shit around there, lets spread out from that point!!!!
  16. i got 25% im waitin till i ahve 100 but yo we gotta be careful we dont fuck anyone else shit because they will draw over ours we need to find a spot where theres just a bunch of scribbles we can color over
  17. O haha i c it

    I found, when you draw something, at the bottom there is a link and that will link to the exact spot you draw at, so heres my link, I wrote GC and my sn and started to color everything green, HELP MEH!

  19. I have 50% ink so far....

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